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2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Reports or links to reports on trips.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by pyrowaves » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:21 am

Name: Trever, Nate, Justin
Email: (at)
Hometown: Ortonville, Dearborn, Holly (Michigan)
Arrival Date:June 16th
Departure Date:June 23rd
Coming From/Via:Copper Harbor
6/16 - Arrive at Rock Harbor, find campsite, explore close by RH, Stay overnight.
6/17 - Take Voyager Ferry at 8 AM and ride to Windigo. Hike 6.9 miles to Island Mine campground. Camp Island mine one night.
6/18 - Hike long day to Todd Harbor(16.5 miles) and find camp. Stay two nights at Todd harbor, camp, fish, relax.
6/20 - Hike 6.6 miles to McCargoe Cove Campground. Stay two nights. Camp/fish/day trip to chickenbone.
6/22 - Hike 9.5 miles to Daisy Farm via Mount Ojibway, camp at Daisy farm.
6/23 - Hike to Rock Harbor(7.3 miles) to catch IR Queen departure at 2.45PM.

Ages range from mid 20's to mid 30's.
One of us has been to IR approximately 17 years ago.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Ingo » Fri May 11, 2018 8:52 am

Name: John & Brad
Hometown: Hillsborough, NC/Duluth, MN
Arrival Date: Sept 3
Departure Date: Sept 11
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage on Voyageur II
Itinerary: (canoeing)
- Pickeral Cove (from McCargoe)
- Belle Isle
- Duncan Bay
- Merritt Lane
- Tookers Island
- Moskey Basin
- Caribou Island
- Catch boat at Daisy Farm
Or something like that.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Bigbearchaseme » Wed May 16, 2018 5:43 pm

Name: Spike, Ty, Steve and Don
Hometown: Troy MI
Arrival Date: 5-26-18
Departure Date: 6-1-18
Coming From/Via: Houghton , isle Royale Sea Plane
Itinerary: land at windigo , island mine day 1, Lake Desor day 2, hatchet lake day 3, Todd Harbor day 4, then we get iffy, could be McCargoe Cove, or East Chickenbone day 5, then Daisy Farm or push onto 3 mile for day 6, then rock Harbor and Fly out day 7.
Notes/Other: its been 18 years since two of us had our last trip on the island and 2 have never seen it.
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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Cobie33 » Fri May 18, 2018 7:56 am

Name: Chad (44), Crystal (42) and Cael (11)
Hometown: Victor, IA
Arrival Date: August 5th
Departure Date: August 10th
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage
Land at Windigo
-Island Mine
-Siskiwit Bay
-Feldtmann Lake-2 nights
-Washington Creek
Notes: This will be the 10th trip for me to the island. The first for my spouse and son. Its been 10 years since I was there last.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by backcountry734 » Wed May 30, 2018 8:11 am

Name: Greg
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Arrival Date: August 2nd
Departure Date: August 8th
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor, MI

8/2 - Rock Harbor to Moskey Bay
8/3 - Moskey Bay to McCargo Bay
8/4 - McCargo Bay to Todd Harbor
8/5 - Todd Harbor to Siskiwit Bay
8/6 - Siskiwit Bay to Washington Creek
8/7 - Take Voyager back to Rock Harbor and day hike Scoville Point Loop
8/8 - Take ferry back to Copper Harbor

This is my first trip to the island. Any info on both my itinerary or the island itself around that time would be great!
Happy Trails!

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by rich » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:37 pm

Name: Rich, 2 others
Hometown: Chicago
Arrival Date: 8/2/2018
Departure Date: 8/5/2018
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage, MN / Seahunter III
Itinerary: Feldtmann Loop - Feldtmann Lake Campground, Siskiwit Bay Campground, Washington Creek Campground
Our first time on Isle Royale. Hope to do Greenstone next year.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Redwnggirl06 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:00 pm

Name - theresa & pat
Hometown- webberville, mi
Arrival date 6/26
Departure date 6/28

RH to Daisy farm
Disy farm to 3 mile
3 mile to RH

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by 3curlgreenhead » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:45 pm

Name: Nick, Jodie, Lily, Nicholas, Leah, Nathan
Email: (at)
Hometown: White Cloud, MI
Arrival Date: 06/29/18
Departure Date: 07/04/18
Coming From/Via: Houghton / Ranger
Day 1: Houghton / Ranger / WT / Chippewa Harbor
Day 2: Chippewa Harbor / Lake Richie
Day 3: Lake Richie / Daisy Farm
Day 4: Daisy Farm / 3 mile via Greenstone
Day 5: 3 mile / RH via Tobin w/ side trip to Scoville Point

Notes/Other: First time, Easy days, Hoping to make it a memorable family trip.

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Jpotter+ » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:27 pm

Name: Justin potter
Hometown: Gaylord
Arrival: 08/02/2018
Departure: 08/13/2018
Coming from: Copper Harbor
Day 1: rock harbor to daisy farm
Day 2: daisy farm to mccargoe cove
Day 3: mccargoe cove to Todd harbor
Day 4: Todd harbor to north lake decor
Day 5: north lake decor to huginnin cove
Day 6: huginnin cove to windigo then feldtmann lake
Day 7: feldtmann lake to siskiwit bay
Day 8: siskiwit bay to south lake desor
Day 9: south lake desor to hatchet lake
Day 10: hatchet lake to lake Richie
Day 11: lake Richie to daisy farm
Day 12: daisy farm to rock harbor

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Re: 2018 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Tom » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:39 am

Name: Tom
Hometown: Near Stillwater, MN
Arrival Date: 14 Jul 2018
Departure Date: 19 Jul 2018
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage
It's a paddle of the NE corner, hoping to hit a few sites we were blown out of a couple years ago. Weather will dictate where we take the canoe, but may include Belle Isle, the Duncans, Merrit, and anything along Rock Harbor.
Notes/Other: Can't believe I forgot to post this a while back... Just realized it and we leave to head north tomorrow! Let's hope for light winds so we don't get hung up at Daisy for three days, like last time...

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