TR 8/2-8/12 2015 RH to Windigo via Minong

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TR 8/2-8/12 2015 RH to Windigo via Minong

Post by BuckeyeLands » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:44 pm

This was our second family vacation to IR and my 4th. In 2009 we walked the Greenstone from Windigo to Rock Harbor. This time the kids were older-12, 16 and 18 and the trip was at the request of my 18 year old son for his graduation vacation. Because of the mishap with the Queen IV, we rescheduled to the Ranger and added two extra days to the trip.
Because we had extra days we started easy and only walked to 3-mile on Sunday when we got off the boat. On Monday we walked to Daisy Farm, got a shelter, shed our packs and walked to Mt. Ojibway for lunch, eating rasberries and blue berries along the way and back. My two girls the 12 and 16 year olds had a moose go across the trail infront of them on the way back to camp. Tuesday, we went to Lake Richie, fished with little success and dried ourselves out from an early light rain.
Wednesday we continued on to McCargo cove, met a nice Dutch couple on the dock and talked to them while they waited on the Voyager and while we took a much needed swim. My son also took a walk up to the Minong Mine and looked around.
Thursday morning started at 3:45am with my son just making it to the door of the shelter before he was sick all over the front step, he says he ate too much peanut butter. He, my youngest, the wife and myself walked together the next day stopping every mile so he could rest. This allowed us to drop our packs and walk down to the Minong Mine, which was well worth it and gave him time for a nap. Todd Harbor was a welcome site for him, he put up his tent and slept the afternoon away. The Haytown mine was not very interesting but we enjoyed the views of the harbor and met Joe a ranger who was leading a voulenteer trail crew, he also was keeping the fire ring area stocked with split firewood.
Friday found my son back in ok health and we moved on to Little Todd, probably my favorite camp.
Saturday, the walk from Little Todd to North Desor was probably the hardest, walk up to the ridge, walk along it till you drop off into the woods, and repeat. This section also had some great views and is someplace I will always remember. North Desor was a nice camp as well and we shared our rock along the lake with a giant spider and about 4 snakes that all watched us make water and be lazy during the afternoon. Did I mention the awesome view of the Greenstone from here.
Sunday, the 12 plus mile day (actually 11.99) on my gps. This took us about 7.5 hours on the trail including about an hour lunch break. The gps said 1.6 mph overall. Windigo looked good to all of us.
Monday was the Voyager back to RH and a walk in a thunderstorm to 3-mile. Getting wet was worth it because we took the Tobin Harbor Trail and ran into a Bull moose on the Mt Franklin Trail, he let us get some good pictures before he wandered off.
Tuesday we got up early and hiked back to RH got a shelter and ate breakfast had a shower. Later we rented a boat and visited Mott island and the Edison Fishery.
Took the Ranger back to Houghton on Wednesday.

The Minong was a great walk, while it had some tough sections and a lot of ups and downs, it was pretty easy to follow and we were only confused once or twice about the direction of the trail. I had read alot about how difficult it was, but we didn't find it overly difficult. This may be bacause we had trained all summer on southern Ohio hills with packs.

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Re: TR 8/2-8/12 2015 RH to Windigo via Minong

Post by johnhens » Fri Aug 21, 2015 7:12 am

Good for you training, it seems some folks would enjoy their time on IR if they spent a little time prepairing. Good for you taking the family, weird about your son getting sick from peanut butter.

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