2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by dmsmith » Wed May 10, 2017 8:08 pm

Name: David and Marie
Email: dmsmith321(at)gmail.com
Hometown: Grayling, MI
Arrival Date: 5/15
Departure Date: 5/19
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor
Itinerary: Rock Harbor - Lane Cove - Daisy Farm - Moskey Basin - Three Mile - Rock Harbor
Notes/Other: Hope to take packless hikes to Lake Richie on Day 3 and Scoville Point on Day 5

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by cody.magill » Wed May 10, 2017 9:01 pm

Name: Cody Magill
Email: codemanradiohead(at)yahoo.com
Hometown: Tionesta, PA
Arrival Date: 8/22/17
Departure Date: 8/30/17
Coming From/Via:Houghton/Ranger III
8/21 - Drive to MI from PA, camp at Hancock Recreation Area Campground
8/22 - Ranger III to IR, camp at Rock Harbor (hopefully!)
8/23 - Water taxi to Hidden Lake, GRT to Lane Cove
8/24 - GRT to West Chickenbone
8/25 - GRT to Hatchet Lake
8/26 - GRT to South Lake Desor
8/27 - GRT to Washington Creek
8/28 - Voyageur II to Rock Harbor, hopefully camp at Three Mile
8/29 - Get a spot in Rock Harbor first thing in the morning, rent a kayak and/or chill for the day
8/30 - Ranger III back to Houghton

Notes/Other: Experienced solo hiker, but open to constructive criticism. Reservations already made, so dates are set in stone. Question - During the time of year I'll be visiting, will I sleep comfortably in a 20° bag? I'd very much prefer not to schlep my heavier 0° one.

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by MIKE A » Wed May 24, 2017 4:25 am

Name:MIKE A. /Daughter/Grand Daughter
Hometown:Macomb ,MI (Just north of Detroit)
Arrival Date:6/20/17
Departure Date:6/24/17
Coming From/Via:Houghton, Ranger III
DAY 1 Daisy Farm
DAY 2 Daisy Farm
DAY 3 Lane Cove
Day 4 Rock Harbor
Notes/Other:12 th Visit for me (Moose Watch 2015 Team 1A), 3rd visit for Daughter, 1st time for Grand Daughter 7 yrs old
Easy trip with lots of exploring (Day hiking Etc.)
Fire tower ,Mt Franklin etc.

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Montana » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:54 pm

Name: Kevin
Email: (at) KevinRCondit (at) gmail.com
Hometown: Missoula, Montana
Arrival Date: Aug 16
Departure Date: Aug 22
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage (Voyageur)
Itinerary: Minong Ridge Trail

Day 1: Ferry/Overnight at McCargoe Cove
Day 2: McCargoe Cove to Todd Harbor
Day 3: Todd Harbor to Little Todd Harbor
Day 4: Little Todd to Lake Desor
Day 5: Lake Desor North to Washington Creek
Day 6: Layover Day
Day 7: Ferry to GP

Notes/Other: The 2017 Father/Daughter Adventure is officially a go! Blessed with a 16 year old who likes to hike with dad. Her mom is very jealous, so there might be a return trip!

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by irhikers » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:12 am

Name: Steve (Dad) & Pete (Son)
Email: sedahlberg(at)usfamily.net
Hometown: Blaine, Minn.
Arrival Date: Thu Jul 20, 2017
Departure Date: Tue Jul 25, 2017
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage, Sea Hunter/Return on Voyageur II
Itinerary: Windigo to Rock Harbor
Thu – 7/20 – Lake Desor South
Fri – 7/21 – Todd Harbor
Sat – 7/22 – McCargoe Cove
Sun – 7/23 – Daisy Farm
Mon – 7/24 – Rock Harbor

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Anchrman » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:41 pm

Name Shane and Amy
Email: anchrman@gmail.com
Hometown: Sheboinken County, Wisco
Arrival Date: 8/28
Departure Date: 9/1
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor
Itinerary: Rock Harbor to Rock Harbor
Mon - Rock Harbor
Tues - Lane Cove
Weds - Daisy Farm
Thurs - Three Mile
Fri - Rock Harbor

Notes/Other: This is our first time on the Island, so we plan on taking it easy.

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by JavaHiker » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:24 pm

Name: Royale Ramble 2017 with JavaHiker, MaryBeetle and PaddleGirl
Email: (at) IM here
Hometown: NW Wisconsin
Arrival Date: 8.9.17
Departure Date: 8.15.17
Coming From/Via: GP via the Seahunter III
Itinerary: Kayak to Long Point, Atwood Beach and Point Houghton area for a few days and return.
Notes/Other: 1st Isle Royale trip for PaddleGirl
"Observe. Absorb. Create. Share."

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Re: 2017 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by IncaRoads » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:56 am

Name: Mark
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Arrival Date: Wed. Aug 30, 2017
Departure Date: Tues. Sept. 5, 2017
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyageur II

Proposed Itinerary:
Day 1, 8/30 - Grand Portage to Windigo to Huginnin Cove
Day 2, 8/31 - Huginnin Cove to Headwaters of Washington Creek (Off-Trail Backcountry Camp)
Day 3, 9/01 - Headwaters of Washington Creek to North Lake Desor
Day 4, 9/02 - North Lake Desor to Little Todd
Day 5, 9/03 - Little Todd to Red Oak Ridge (Off-Trail Backcountry Camp)
Day 6, 9/04 - Red Oak Ridge to Malone Bay
Day 7, 9/05 - Malone Bay to Grand Portage

Notes/Other: Solo trip along the Huginnin Cove, Minong Ridge, and Ishpeming Trails. Re-tracing a previously accomplished bushwhack from Little Todd to Ishpeming Point.

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