Name that boat!

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Name that boat!

Post by fonixmunkee » Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:32 am

Hi IR Forums. We need help!

The Rock of Ages Lighthouse Preservation Society (RoALPS) has a new work boat. It's a retired NPS boat that was donated to us. Over 2019, our organization has received a ton of help from incredible volunteers to get it repaired and show us how to operate it. Now that it's being used, we need some help; giving our boat a name.

So, if you have a good idea for the workboat we use to ferry people and supplies to and from the Rock of Ages light to restore this magnificent structure, please add your suggestion at the website below. You can also VOTE on others' suggestions, too.

Please help us out by visiting here:

Here's a picture of the boat too:
RoALPS boat

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