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Post by benne017 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:59 pm

Hey Everyone:

Just a quick and probably repeat question; we're packing out the first week in August for a 6 day hike with a small group of scouts. My question is this: how busy can I expect the island to be? We plan on arriving via Houghton to Rock Harbor and heading to Daisy Farm our first night. Are we going to run into lots of groups of others? How often are campsites super busy? We don't plan on reserving any sites just to preserve the flexibility of choosing sites.

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Re: Congestion

Post by Ingo » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:57 pm

How many are in your group? If there's 7-10 then you must register as a group and camp in designated group sites--advantage being that you have a reserved site, disadvantage that you must follow your itinerary. If 6 or less, then it's first-come first-serve, but you can change your trip along the way. You're not allowed to use the group sites in this case. The "group" designation is determined by your group size--there isn't any choice.

So if you're 6 or less--I would expect most campgrounds to be pretty full that time of year. Getting on the trail early and into camp early is the best advice I have. When full, they ask you to share sites, which is the practice, but I've only had to do that once. And then there was the last week of July when there were only 3 sites used at Daisy Farm--so you never know.
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