Planning my second trip, first was about 9 years ago...

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Planning my second trip, first was about 9 years ago...

Post by upnorthjeeper » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:21 pm

I am in the early stages of planning my second trip, the first was about 9 years ago. In 2009, Isle Royale put me on a path to some serious life changes. I'm going back for another round of the good stuff.

Last time I went at the very end of the season. For 2018, I want to go when it opens!
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Re: Planning my second trip, first was about 9 years ago...

Post by torpified » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:27 am

last year I took the first boat (open to the public) over from MI, May 8. It was awesome! Not deserted, but really quiet. Some (hiker-oriented) notes

--There was still some snow and ice on trails--not enough to require traction devices, though-- and banks of it along the Superior shore. One day it even snowed in the air for a while! Overnight it got cold enough that I slept with my water filter.

--infrastructure: it takes the NPS a while to clear winter deadfall off the trails. They're still passable, but in many places cluttered with snags. Semi-related: I saw many, many more moose antlers than when I went in late June -- I think there's also a winter replenishment of those that get spirited away as the season progresses.

--infrastructure: services, like the shops and the lodge, aren't open yet. I expected that. What surprised me: the drinking water at Rock Harbor wasn't running yet. No big deal, because I had a water filter that hadn't frozen because I'd been sleeping with it.

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Re: Planning my second trip, first was about 9 years ago...

Post by Base654 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:02 am

I have been a few times very early in the season, never on the first boat. Like torpified stated, the island wakes up slowly over the first few weeks. The west end is even a slower start. In the first few months, plan for snow ice and sleet, I didn't my first trip in late May and it took it's toll. The temps during the day were in the low 70's and one night was 20. going was slow due the ice and snow on the north side of the island, but it was a beautiful trip.

The park service clears the most heavily traveled routes first. I was warned off the Minong in late June about ten years ago. From what I understand RH to Moskey and RH to McCargoe are the first.

Plan for cold and being self sufficent and you'll be fine.

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