Autumn Satellite Imagery

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Autumn Satellite Imagery

Post by Midwest Ed »

This is from the NOAA's color imagery of the Lake Superior Region. It's not a high quality image but I thought it was interesting from the viewpoint that it demonstrates where most of the hardwoods/Sugar Maples are located. I'm missing my usual Autumn trip to the U.P. this year.
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Re: Autumn Satellite Imagery

Post by bobcat »

My first trip to Isle Royale was in late September. Island Mine was absolutely gorgeous at that time of year! But the nights were very cold.

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Re: Autumn Satellite Imagery

Post by fonixmunkee »

I've never been to Isle Royale when the leaves are changing colors...this makes me sad that I still haven't seen that.

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Re: Autumn Satellite Imagery

Post by Ingo »

Drove across the UP earlier this week--great color, somewhat past peak, but still gorgeous.
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Re: Autumn Satellite Imagery

Post by torpified »

one of caltopo's base layers is a weekly high resolution satellite image. I've used the feature obsessively to try to gauge snow cover on routes I wanted to hike. It didn't occur to me that leaves would show up too! The most recent image of IR was occluded by cloud cover. This one, from a week ago, although partially clouded over, is pretty cool: ... tc-7&a=mba

(I hope the link works. I think the images are refreshed on Thursdays.)

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