Let's thank our moderators...

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Let's thank our moderators...

Post by fonixmunkee »

I wanted to take a a second and give a shout-out to two of our moderators of the Isle Royale Forums, johnhens and IncaRoads.

These two gentlemen do 99% of the work to keep the forum spam-free and organized. Without them, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the clean and safe forum we use to discuss everything Isle Royale.

johnhens and IncaRoads, THANK YOU for your help!
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by dcclark »

Yes, thank you! Spam-fighting is an endless and (mostly) thankless job. Plus the rest of us don't always help (I've given a serious reply to more than one spammer thread).
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by jerry »

Amen! This forum also gets me thru the winter, spring, summer and fall. Thanks!
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by kolo »

Thank you very much to the moderators for all they do to maintain this great forum! This forum is my favorite and it helps get me through the long northern winters!
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by Bobcat1 »

Thanks, guys, for all your work!
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by torpified »

THANK YOU, johnhens and IncaRoads! Thank you other moderators, too! This is the most civil and informative forum I know, and that doesn't happen by accident.

Would this be a appropriate place to ask the forum moderators for an origins story?---something illustrating how and when and why Isle Royale Forums started, and/or what its early days were like?
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by johnhens »

The Forums existed in another site starting in the late 90's (I beleive). I don't recall what happened to them, but fonix started this site in '07 to take the place of the other forum. A lot of the same people showed up here. Many thanks to fonix for doing this!!
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Re: Let's thank our moderators...

Post by Kelly »

Thanks to both and all of you!
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