Nachusa Grasslands Prescribed Fire Video

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Nachusa Grasslands Prescribed Fire Video

Post by johnhens »

I do Volunteer Projects for IRNP. I also am a Volunteer Steward for Nachusa Grasslands in IL, a Nature Conservancy Site.
We are restoring prairie at the site. Prescribed Fires are an important element of restoration. There are plants that are fire dependant for production and it keeps invasive plants in check. The NPS uses Prescribed Fires to reduce fuels and as a tool to combat invasive plants.
This Spring, Stewards at Nachusa took video of the various aspects of Prescribed Fire. I thought some here might be interested, so sit back and enjoy!! ... re=related
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Re: Nachusa Grasslands Prescribed Fire Video

Post by LarryL »

Hi John,

Old post, but I did a day trip out to Nachusa recently and really enjoyed it. Kudos to you for your volunteer work. I think helping at Nachusa is in my future.
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