Porkies Trip Next Weekend, any joiners?

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Porkies Trip Next Weekend, any joiners?

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I'm probably going to do a trip (from Chicago where I live) to the Porkies... leaving Saturday the 21st and coming back Wednesday the 25th. Just wanted to see if anyone in northern Illinois or anywhere in Wisconsin wanted a ride up there for a last minute trip and to help with gas money. I prefer to hike by myself, but thought a ride up there might encourage someone to say "ah what the hell, I'll be spontaneous and come along".

This will be my 3rd time to the Porkies and I love it there. I'm going to focus on the south side of the park and trails I haven't hiked before (namely the Little Carp River Trail). This trail looks pretty nice and has a lot of water falls and places to set up camp near the river, with fire pits (something I wished IR had more of). I love the variety of loops you can make. Long ones or short ones. The rivers there are particularly gorgeous. Not looking forward to black flies and mosquitoes, but I have a head net for a reason. Anyone else love it up there? I feel like the Porkies are a great stepping stone to the more intense and isolated Isle Royale.
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Re: Porkies Trip Next Weekend, any joiners?

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Have a great time! I just returned from my third trip to the Porkies (May 13-16, 2016). We were north of your route. Escarpment Trail (camped on the ridge) to Government Peak Trail to North Mirror Lake Trail (camped at Mirror Lake) to Correction Line Trail to Big Carp River Trail (camped at 1st of three sites on the ridge). Cool weather, mostly 40s during the day, in high 20s one night with a little bit of snow. Great backpacking weather as we still worked up a sweat. It was probably in the low 50s on Sunday afternoon and we ran into what I believe were small black flies. They were somewhat annoying on that high ridge on the BCRT until it started misting and cooled off.
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