Sylvania Wilderness

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Sylvania Wilderness

Post by MikeT »

For the first time since 2006 we will not be going to the island this year :( . It's just become too hard for my Dad and, as long as he wants to keep paddling, I am going to take him :D . So, we have decided to go to Sylvania Wilderness this year. It has easier portages and less elevation changes than the island plus, the inland lakes will be easier and safer for him. We are planning on setting up a couple of base camps then exploring all of the lakes from there. Does anyone have any tips and must sees there?

Next year we are already planning on taking the inaugural Voyageur II trip in the spring :D
Mike T.
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Re: Sylvania Wilderness

Post by Midwest Ed »

The whole Ottawa National Forest area is beautiful. Sylvania's popularity has increased quite a bit over the past few years. I know the Sylvania Wilderness area requires reservations (May 15-Sept 30) for all the campsites and they can be made up to 6 months in advance. Don't forget your fishing tackle. Fishing regs are very similar to IR (no barbs, no live bait, mostly catch and release-especially for Bass). Your chances for a audible or visual wolf encounter are now much much higher there than on IR and of course infinitely higher for bears too.
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Re: Sylvania Wilderness

Post by conmcb25 »

I did a Slyvania canoe camp fishing trip about 4 years ago. it was a great trip and the small mouth action is awesome. Ditto on the above post, very beautiful area.
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