What Food Is Best?

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by thesneakymonkey »

Yea we did the same thing with cliff bars. They wore out their welcome in our food bag.
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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by hooky »

I started dehydrating all of my meals and never looked back. My wife has ordered a few meals from packit gourmet and Good to-go. She said they were good.

I don't like oatmeal, so I dehydrate pork or turkey sausage, onions & peppers and mix it with store bought hasbrowns for breakfast. Add Ova easy egg crystals if you like eggs. You can rehydrate any of those other ingredients, add the egg crystals and simmer in a freezer bag for an awesome omelette on a zero day when you're lounging in camp. You could buy any of those ingredients already dehydrated or freeze dried and assemble the meal.

Summer sausage, cheese, mustard and a tortilla makes a great lunch for me and I can eat it every day.

Dinners are any number of things that I dehydrate. Idahoan instant mashed potatoes are fantastic as a filler with any evening meal.

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by Base654 »

Has anyone tried dehydrating Campbell chunky soups? I have limited experience with my dehydrator.

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by booyah »

Base654 wrote:
Mon Dec 23, 2019 8:52 am
Has anyone tried dehydrating Campbell chunky soups? I have limited experience with my dehydrator.
I've heard good experiences from people from the process, but I'm far from an expert. Most of my dehydrator experience is wild mushrooms and jerky :-D

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by bobcat »

"Has anyone tried dehydrating Campbell chunky soups? " Big chunks dry slowly......sometimes when I need to dehydrate something from a can, I take the time to cut things into smaller pieces so the drying (and later the rehydrating) goes faster and more evenly. The potato chunks, the carrot rounds, etc. I have successfully done Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Just make sure the pieces are small and it's really really dry, and give it plenty of time to rehydrate. Weigh it ahead of time so you will know how much water to add back when rehydrating.

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by mmueller575 »

Hey everyone! Thanks for so many responses! I totally agree, now that I look back on some of my trips, Clif bars will get old! I’ll take up some of the suggestions that were posted for sure! I don’t have any experience dehydrating food. I’m a little nervous about trying that one out, but who knows! I do have another question though. I know there are no bears, but should I still be hanging food over night like I would in bear country? Or can I store in in some way in my tent?

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by dcclark »

There often aren't trees with branches that are the right height and strong enough to handle a food bag (and there aren't any bear poles either). At ranger orientation, you'll be told not to bother. I usually double-bag food, put it in my pack, and keep the pack closed and stashed in my tent or shelter.

The things to watch out for are foxes, squirrels, and sometimes Gray Jays. Luckily, what I described above is more than enough to protect them. Don't forget to keep your boots secured too... I've heard foxes love them!

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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by eckersa »

Camp Chow is a brand made in Minnesota. It is very good. We often include a meal or two from them. But, once again, you do need to get it shipped ahead of time.


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Re: What Food Is Best?

Post by Midnight Barbecue »

I'm with the instant oatmeal / Mountain House / Gorp crowd, but I found Starkist tuna packets with sun dried tomato in a wrap to be an easy, fairly lightweight lunch treat.

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