Clothing in June

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Re: Clothing in June

Post by Ingo »

Kelly wrote: Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:25 am
Ingo wrote: Sun Dec 06, 2020 8:41 am - gaiters. Found them to be invaluable, there's been plenty discussion in the past.
Prior to my first backpacking trip, I read that gaiters were a necessary item, so I bought a pair. Never used them and have never carried them since.

Can you elaborate on how you find them useful, as I cannot find the discussions?
Keeps mud and water out of the boots. One trip in particular in late May/early June there were lots of ankle high mud holes and a couple flooded trail sections--I would not have kept my feet dry without them. They also help keep out those annoying little pieces of debris that inevitably find their way into your boots/shoes. I would agree they're annoying and/or dead weight on dry trails, but I was really (really) glad I had them on that one trip.
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Re: Clothing in June

Post by Kelly »

Huh. Thanks for the explanation. I might have had a different sort of ISRO trip a few years ago, when I learned that dirty and dry clothing beats clean and wet. I gave up trying to have dry feet.

I actually broke out the gaiters yesterday for the first time ever for a hike in the snow with hiking boots as my actual snow boots have repairs pending. They did their job--no snow in my boots and they kept my pants dry. I'm not sure of the purpose of the loops under the footwear, since they came undone in about five minutes.

ETA: Oh look--here is more helpful info:
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Re: Clothing in June

Post by TopCarrot »

I hiked in wet shoes nearly everyday this summer. All from morning dew. I used a pair of gaiters in high school and bought another pair that I will be taking each trip.
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