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Re: Backpacking knife

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dcclark wrote: Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:14 am I don't remember when I learned about fuzz sticks, but it was a long time ago, but I didn't have a name for them. I also definitely don't make them as well as the guy in that video!

A few years ago my father in law gave me a copy of a delightful book from the early 1970's called "On your own in the wilderness". It's a bizarre combination of detailed, step-by-step instructions for people who have never been outside, dramatically out-of-date gear advice, and offhand references to things that "everybody" knows (most of which I have no clue about). One of those offhand remarks is about a "fuzz stick", and that's how I learned the name.

I don't recommend the book, except as a glimpse into a very different era of both backpacking and the world in general, but for those purposes it's quite interesting.
Tap's Tips by H. G. Tapply was monthly article in Field & Stream magazine. It was a collection of 3 -4 seasonal tips and wisdom for hunting, fishing and camping. I just found and bought a used copy of his entire collection of tips. Lots of out of date info, but a great stroll down memory lane.

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Re: Backpacking knife

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You actually had me stumped with "mumbleypeg" - had to google it. Glad to hear you're not intending to separate yourself from one of your toes!
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