Stove canisters and weight

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Stove canisters and weight

Post by bobcat »

Question for canister stove folks. I have a 2-week trip coming up, and I am debating whether to bring 2 8-oz fuel canisters or 1 16-oz. My mathematics says it's actually lighter to bring the one big canister, since the canister weight is less than 2 of the medium canisters. With carrying out all my trash, I am carrying the (empty) container weight the whole time anyway. Last time I took a trip this long on Isle Royale I was still using white gas. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: Stove canisters and weight

Post by Ingo »

I carry 2 canisters in case 1 leaks. Haven't had it happen, but know of at least 1 other who has--probably left the stove on it and not closed tight, but nonetheless.
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Re: Stove canisters and weight

Post by Base654 »

I carry two for three reasons. One for possible leaks. Two because I usually use slightly less that one can. If I had one I would have to carry a big can for a shorter trip to use it up. Three it's easier to pack the smaller cans.

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Re: Stove canisters and weight

Post by thesneakymonkey »

carry 2 different ones if you need that much. Same reasons as above. One canister failure and you're SOL

We did a 10 day with one 8 ounce canister so keep that in mind. Make sure you need that much fuel.
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Re: Stove canisters and weight

Post by Rafiki »

Im bringing five 16oz canisters with me on my next trip in a week. You can never have too much fuel right? Hahaha. Did I forget to mention that I am taking a month long trip and take a hot shower every day? ;)

Im also kayaking so weight isn't as much of an issues like it is for a hiker.

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