Itinerary Ideas

Questions about trails and campsites on the island.

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Itinerary Ideas

Post by VSEIBELBETZOLD » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:30 pm

My adult son and I are planning a backpacking trip to Isle Royale in mid-August. (We backpacked 60 miles on the John Muir Trail three years ago.) We will ride the Voyager II from Grand Portage, MN to Windigo on a Monday. Plan 1: We will get back on the boat to be dropped off at McCargoe Cove at 1 p.m. I would like to get to Daisy Farm to camp by that night. Ideally, we would take the Greenstone Ridge Trail as far as Mt. Ojibway and then take the Mt. Ojibway Trail down to Daisy Camp. if that is too many miles and it would be getting dark, we could take the Daisy Farm Trail down to Daisy Farm without seeing the view from Mt. Ojibway that day. On Day 2, we would hike up the Mount Ojibway Trail to Mt. Ojibway and then return down the trail to Rock Harbor Trail to camp at Threemile. On Day 3, we would hike to Moose Point to set up camp, then continue hiking to Scoville Point and back to our campsite. We would be picked up by the Voyageur II from Rock Harbor at 8 a.m. on Day 4. Is this plan feasible?

My husband and I went to Windigo and camped at Huginnin Cove in 2016. It was beautiful and peaceful. However, I want to experience a different part of the island on this trip. The number of days we can stay is limited by my son's work schedule and the schedule of the Voyageur II.

Plan 2: Another consideration would be to get off at Windigo at 9:30 a.m., get a permit, and hike to Feldtmann Lake on Day 1. On Day 2, we would hike to Siskiwit Bay and camp. Day 3 would be a hike to Washington Creek. On Day 4 we would have half a day to spend in the Windigo area (perhaps rent a canoe to paddle to Beaver Island and back) before boarding the Voyageur II to return to Grand Portage, MN.

Can someone who has hiked both areas please make recommendations? I would like to reserve our roundtrip transportation on the Voyageur II soon! Thank you.

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Re: Itinerary Ideas

Post by Bobcat1 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:37 pm

Never heard it called Moose Point Campground, I assume you are referring to the campground up the hill behind the Rock Harbor visitors center. Yes, occupy a campsite then head out to hike Scoville Point. The route options you are describing, in my mind, boil down to the question of how much solitude you desire. The northeastern end of the island is relatively full of people. If you hike the Feldman loop on the southwestern end, you will be around far fewer people.

I did nine days on the JMT a few years back and there are remarkable differences. That trail is built to livestock standards, in an arid, high-altitude region. At Isle Royale, you will be hiking relentless short, steep up-and-down over rock outcrops surrounded by forest. No major altitude issues but a very different type of trail. And, a very much more maritime climate. My California friend was astounded by the humidity when she hiked at Isle Royale. You will hopefully love Isle Royale whatever hike you decide on!
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Re: Itinerary Ideas

Post by Base654 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:19 pm

Your first plan should not be a problem. The sun doesn't set until 9 or 10 that time of year. Your mileage is around 9, I hike at 2 mph on the island, so I would plan on rolling into Daisy around 5:30 or 6. That part of the trail is a bit faster. There is some up and down, but the ridge is mostly flat and the last part into Daisy is down hill with one a minor ridge to climb. You will see a couple of different regions and a really good restaurant. I always go out to Scoville on my last day, it's a get place for lunch.

If you do plan on getting a cross country permit for moose pointe, it wont be allowed. It's too close to everything else. You would have to stay at the rock harbor campground.

have fun

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