Portage from Lake Whittlesey to Wood Lake

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Re: Portage from Lake Whittlesey to Wood Lake

Post by kolo » Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:23 pm

The portage from Chippewa Harbor to Whittlesey isn't fun, but at least it's pretty short. The trail is filled with boulders that you need to snake around, while climbing and descending two small ridges -- not too much fun with a canoe on your shoulders.

The Whittlesey to Wood Lake trail is mostly flat and easy (but very buggy). As I recall, the wood planks are about 10 inches wide. I think there are one or two stretches of them -- no more than 100 feet or so at a time. If that's concerning, you can walk in the soft mud beside them.

If you're concerned about that first portage, another option is to put in at Malone Bay, from where there are easy paddles/portages to Wood Lake, Whittlesey, Intermediate and Richie -- then back out at Malone Bay.
Thank you for your response backwoods doc! This is helpful information. Do you remember if the wood planks were low to the ground or elevated? I thought about starting at Malone Bay but it has been a while since I have camped at Chippewa Harbor and would like to get back there again.

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