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September Canoe Trip

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:19 pm
by Ingo
Am planning a canoe trip for the end of September. Most likely will take the Voyageur II, but am considering all possibilities. My not too experienced adult daughter will be my partner, so even though it will likely be 8 days (due to the once a week VII schedule), it won't be an aggressive itinerary. I haven't been that late in the season before, which raises a couple questions/concerns..

- I know that winds pick up that time of year. And tend to shift to the north. What are the odds of getting stuck for multiple days that time of year?
- Have considered backpacking, but daughter has ortho issues that probably preclude it. Portaging <1 mile at a time shouldn't be an issue.
- Rutting. What do you do when you confront a hormone crazed bull moose with a canoe on your head???? Turn sideways and pretend to be a bigger moose :twisted: ? And if that fails :shock: ...
- Needing help, especially on canoe only routes. Have been on 2 trips that required assistance, and am not overly confident that the 2 of us could handle all scenarios on our own. So mulling risk/reward. Will definitely be carrying a VHF.
- How's the fall fishing? (both Lake Trout and pike/walleye in the lakes)

So here's what I'm contemplating:
(1) Inland lakes, McCargo to Chippewa. Haven't done this for quite a while. Would provide the opportunity to do the only portage I haven't done (Richie to Chippewa) if we chose not to go around through Siskiwit.

(2) Belle Isle to Rock Harbor. Have done this more than anything else, love the area. It's the only trip my daughter has done before (15 yrs ago when she was 15). Biggest drawback is the potential of being weather bound and no place to day hike or explore, since a big draw of this idea is having plenty of time to explore by water.

(3) Chippewa to Rock Harbor would be the back-up plan for 1 and 2 if the boat has to take the south shore on the day out. I've just been dying to do the Richie/Moskey portage again :wink: !

(4) Just paddle Rock Harbor, explore the islands as weather allows, and day hike. Have done this before with my other daughter and had a great trip. Worst case is getting stuck at Moskey with a big NE blow--could also schedule pickup at Daisy Farm to alleviate that concern.

Any thoughts?

Re: September Canoe Trip

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:23 pm
by head2north
I find that you are in a midst of a dilemma between routes and the unpredictability of safe water travel. The tough part is the route selection. I usually select a
route that is feasible in the time frame available less a few days dedicated for weather related layovers.

I, myself, would not hesitate to do any of your trip itineraries at that time of year. A few years ago, I was stuck at Chippewa Harbor and decided to taxi with the Voyager
back to Snug Harbor over the next two days. I regret that move as I should have waited another day to paddle Superior back to the protected Rock Harbor OR portage through
Richie to Moskey.

Later that week I was stuck in Rock Harbor for another day and a half because a Squall forced the delay of the Ranger III crossing (That I "suffered" through :wink:)

Oh well....... it happens and was prepared with options.

Sounds like you know all your options and are trying to get talked into doing something or not doing something or just plane old want to do everything????????
I'll leave the adventure up to you!......

Re: September Canoe Trip

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:54 pm
by Ingo
head2north wrote:Sounds like you know all your options and are trying to get talked into doing something or not doing something or just plane old want to do everything????????
I'll leave the adventure up to you!......
Thanks for the thoughts! I think my biggest concern is going with my inexperienced daughter. She's all up for pushing herself and new adventures, but I fully respect where we are and don't want to get in over our heads. As far as the options, I can be really flexible and make those calls as we go, so just thinking through the possibilities. When I'm planning I do always want to do everything--but when I get there I'm just happy to be there and the route/itinerary really doesn't matter!

In any case, already getting excited about the trip--didn't get out last year and miss the I.R. fix.

Re: September Canoe Trip

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:35 pm
by jrwiesz

#4 is a good beginning.

McCargo to Malone Bay have relatively easy portages. Pike always seemed hungry on Lake Richie and Wood Lake. :)

I enjoyed/appreciated this year of your calendar 8) , only 11 more days and we'll have to move on to another.

Perhaps you and your daughter should plan one with your upcoming canoe outing. :?: Another classic :!:

Thanks :D