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September fishing

Questions about water transportation and fishing on the island.

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September fishing

Post by Hoffdaddy »

Just curious what lakes are best for fishing this time of year. I’ll be heading out September 11 for rock harbor.

Midwest Ed
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Re: September fishing

Post by Midwest Ed »

Where are you arriving? On the northeast end the two best lakes would be Ritchie and Chickenbone, but Chickenbone lake has been under an algae bloom alert so you should avoid Chickenbone. Do NOT drink or use the water under any circumstances. Check with the Rangers upon arrival to see if there has been any change regarding the alert. If you are arriving in Windigo then Feldtmann lake would be your best best. Both Ritchie and Feldtmann are probably best known for Northern. They are a lot of fun and cookup OK if you learn how to filet them properly, otherwise there can be many bones. A Michigan state license is required only for Lake Superior waters. Checkout the NPS Isle Royale regulations regarding fishing. There are a few regulations such as no barbs on hooks. If you happen to be at Lake Desor or Hatchet Lake, almost everyone will say, don't bother fishing, as they are officially void of any game fish.
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Re: September fishing

Post by johnhens »

Hoffdaddy wrote:
Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:57 pm
Just curious what lakes are best for fishing this time of year. I’ll be heading out September 11 for rock harbor.
Are you hiking or paddling?

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Re: September fishing

Post by awags »

I've had excellent luck in Lake Ritchie for Northern Pike in September. I'll be arriving with a group on a canoeing trip a couple days after you and we're planning on hitting up all the southern lakes (Whittlesey, Siskiwit/Wood, Ritchie) weather depending.

Lake Trout will also be moving into shallower water in Lake Superior (I've caught fish in the upper 15 ft of the water column) at this time of year.

September is a pretty great fishing month everywhere in the northern half of the US so you can't really go wrong other than avoiding Chickenbone due to the algae.

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