time for a boat

Questions about water transportation and fishing on the island.

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time for a boat

Post by Base654 »

This is a bit of an odd topic and perhaps not in the right location, but I am looking for input from those who may know. I am looking to buy a boat to sail around the island.

I am trying to solve a couple of problems. 1. I want sail power not engine for most of the trip. 2. I am based in Ann Arbor. C. I want to sail when home and not vacationing.

I would prefer a 30+ foot sailboat for comfort and fun back home and a safe voyager to the island, but how do I get it to the Keweenaw, sail the island and get home in 15 days.

A tiny sailboat could be trailered and go on the Ranger III, but would not like Lake Superior any more than my kayak.

I have found a class of boats called power-sailers that are basically 25 foot powerboats with the addition of a sail. One example is the Macgregor 26. A power-sailer could be trailered, powered across to the Island in a couple hours then sailed, but they are not good power boats nor sailers so it would not be as much fun back home.

Does anybody have any ideas? BTW I'm not rich just been saving for a while so two boats, crews, etc is out.

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Re: time for a boat

Post by johnhens »

You are limited by length (20') if you wish to use the Ranger. I know Rolf Peterson has a sailboat he keeps on IR. He may be a good source of info. I believe it is a trailer sailer.

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