Lunar Eclipse on 9/27/15

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Lunar Eclipse on 9/27/15

Post by gcloud » Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:35 pm

Just a heads up if you're on the island on the night of 9/27, Sunday night, there will be a supermoon (moon is closest to the earth in orbit, therefore appearing bigger) total lunar eclipse fully in view of this area of the continent. I know it's 8 days too early to tell, but the weather channel says partly cloudy skies that night.

I will likely be out at Siskiwit Bay campground, hopefully looking east over the bay that night. Does anyone know of the campsite there that would be best for viewing the moon rising in the east around sunset and the eclipse happening higher in the sky around 11-12 that night? For those going to be on the island then, where will you be camping? Anyone bringing binoculars?

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Re: Lunar Eclipse on 9/27/15

Post by jemerick » Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:07 am

To figure out solar/lunar alignments I've always used this: ... 93715-0400

I don't think any of the sites would have a good angle. I'd recommend walking out to the second beach past Senter to get a good view. It'll be about a mile walk, but walking along those beaches are easy to do and you'll get an awesome view of the moonrise over Lake Superior. Then, later in the night for the eclipse, it may just make more sense to walk down to the dock. It's pretty easy to get to/from the dock from any of the campsites and you'd get one heck of a view. I think the moon will be slightly southwards, or behind, much of the campsite at that time.

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