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Rough weather in the BWCA-did IR get hit?

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:08 am
by johnhens
Heard there was rough weather in the BWCA over the weekend, one canoist died from a a falling tree. Any reports from IR of strong weather?

Re: Rough weather in the BWCA-did IR get hit?

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:03 am
by Isle Royale Rob
I was on the island from Friday 6/17 until Friday 6/24. There were some nasty storms that moved in on Sunday evening, the 19th. right after sunset. You could kind of feel it building up all day. The day started out with calm and fog on the bay, then it was partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and breezy all day. I was in a shelter at Washington Creek when it came through. It really didn't rain where I was much, as it came through in three or four little squalls, with just a bit of hard rain in each one, then it would dissipate. The sky was just lit up from lightning and you could hear the thunder roll! I was expecting all hell to break loose. I checked the rain gauge a Windigo the next morning and there was very little in it.
However, I spoke to a solo backpacker and she told me she stayed at Island Mine that night, and she said she was very close to running into the outhouse for protection. She said her tent was taking on water and it was dumping pretty good. I had planned on staying at Island Mine too, but when I was at Siskiwit Bay at the dock I spoke to some people that were on a couple of fishing boats that came in for lunch and I heard then talk about the approaching front, and that there were 4-6 footers expected. I decided to hike to Washington Creek instead. Glad I did!