2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by irhikers »

Name: Steve (dad) and Pete (son)
Hometown: Blaine, MN
Arrival Date: Mon. Jul 19, 2021
Departure Date: Tue. Jul 27, 2021
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyageur II

Itinerary (To Be Determined):
Day 1, 7/19 - Grand Portage to Rock Harbor
Day 2, 7/20 -
Day 3, 7/21 -
Day 4, 7/22 -
Day 5, 7/23 -
Day 6, 7/24 -
Day 7, 7/25 -
Day 8, 7/26 -
Day 9, 8/27 - Windigo to Grand Portage

Notes/Other: Booked passage on the Voyageur II early to guarantee the dates we wanted. We have enough time to enjoy hiking the island from end-to-end. We hiked the Minong in 2007, 2008 & 2013 so it's probably the year to hike it again. Have plenty of time to finalize the itinerary before the trip!
jimmy system
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by jimmy system »

Name: Andy and Kathryn
Hometown: Fowlerville, MI
Arrival Date: 7/20
Departure Date: 7/24
Coming From/Via: Houghton, MI

Day 1: Arrive at Rock Harbor, Go to 3 Mile
Day 2: 3 Mile to Daisy Farm
Day 3: Stay at DF, hike the Mt. Ojibway loop
Day 4: Back to Rock Harbor
Day 5: Back to Houghton on the Ranger III

This is our first trip on Isle Royale. We're both middle aged and haven't backpacked in a few years so we're keeping it easy.
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by Ingo »

Name: John and Laura (daughter)
Hometown: Hillsborough/Asheville, NC
Arrival Date: 6/14
Departure Date: 6/20
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage/Voyageur II

M - Rock Harbor
Tu- Chippewa Harbor (via VII)
W - Lake Whittlesey
Th - Wood Lake
F - Malone Bay
Sa - Malone Bay

Notes/Other: Finally back after 3 years!
79: worked RH, 01: BI-DB-RH, 02: MC-LR-WL-CH, 05: MI-CI-MB-DF-RH-TM-RH, 09: MC-BI-DN-RH, 11: WC-HC-WC, 12: MC-CB-HL-TH, 13: RH-PI, 14: BI-ML-CI-CH-MB, 16: RH-CI-TI-RH, 17: WI-IM-SB-FL-WC, 18: MC-PC-BI-DB-RH-DF
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by alicecw »

Name: Alice (plus friend)
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Arrival Date: 6/25
Departure Date: 6/30
Coming From/Via: Houghton via Ranger III

Fri: Ferry arrives; Rock Harbor --> Three Mile
Sat: Three Mile --> Moskey Basin
Sun: Moskey Basin --> McCargoe Cove + afternoon hike to Minong Mine
Mon: McCargoe Cove --> Daisy Farm (via Mt. Ojibway)
Tues: Daisy Farm --> Rock Harbor + afternoon hike to Scoville Point
Wed: Ferry departs

Notes/Other: It's our first trip to Isle Royale, though I've been lurking on these forums for almost 2 years! Due to sold out ferry dates, our trip is now 1 day longer than initially planned but I didn't increased our mileage. Trying to decide whether to make a backup plan with more aggressive mileage or to just lean into the extra camp time at Moskey Basin by stocking up on e-books.
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by Peeps »

Name: Peeps (42F) and PeepMom (70F)
Email: :P
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Arrival Date: May 22
Departure Date: May 27
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage by Voyageur II
Windigo - South Lake Desor
South Lake Desor - Todd Harbor
Todd Harbor - Moskey Basin
Moskey Basin - Lane Cove
Lane Cove - Rock Harbor
Notes/Other: PeepFamily's first trip to IRNP was in 1970 when PeepDad hiked IRNP with PeepDad's BFF and PeepGranddad.
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by seymourdunn »

names: Ben & Justin
from: Milwaukee & Birmingham (both originally PA)
from/to: June 8 - June 15
goals: photograph New Moon Bortle Class 1/2 Milky Way, annular solar eclipse at sunrise 6/10!, star trails, meese, loons, and wolves; & enjoy a midtrip fire at Chippewa Harbor

6/7: Fort Wilkins campground, Copper Harbor
6/8: 3 Mile, via Rock Harbor Trail
6/9: Daisy Farm, via Greenstone (or cross-country zone 12)
6/10: up to Mt. Ojibwe for annular eclipse sunrise!, then on to Moskey Basin
6/11: Chippewa Harbor
6/12: Lake Richie or Moskey
6/13: Daisy
6/14: 3M
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by tso972 »

Three of us are flying in to Rock Harbor on Aug. 3

RH to DF. Aug 3
MC to HL AUG 5
HL to MB AUG 6/7
SLD to WIN Aug 9

Flying WIN to Hancock AUG 10
May actually live on IR
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Re: 2021 Trip Log - Post your planned itinerary here!

Post by JerryB »

Brother and me:
GP-McCargo aug. 18
Todd. Aug 19
Hatchet Aug 20
Malone Aug 21
Ferry to Windigo on August 22 Lunch at Windigo
Hugginin August 22
Windigo August 23
Back to Grand Portage August 24

The intra-island ferry allows me to add Hugginin to my list of sites (last one on the hiking trails)!
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