August 6-12 2010 ***trip report****

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August 6-12 2010 ***trip report****

Post by colvinch » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:05 pm

Just over a week to go and I still haven't gotten everything worked out. This will all be done with canoes.

Day 1: lake Whittlesey
Day 2:
Lake Richey or Somewhere in Between (Wood Lake, Intermediate)
Day 3:
Lake Richey or Chicken Bone
Day 4: Pickeral Cove
Day 5: Belle Isle
Day 6: Lane Cove, Duncan, Rock Harbor??? Depends on weather and hunger
Day 7: Rock Harbor to Copper Harbor

Well I know where we start and finish but the inbetween is still up in the air. Alot has to do with weather and being safe, I've played both last year and will learn more on safe this year.
So I guess, my one question is if you could pick Chicken bone do you go east or west. The distances are not a challenge to us we just dont know where to stay...what say you?

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Re: August 6-12 2010

Post by Midwest Ed » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:29 pm

I assumed that since Day One is Lake Whittlesey, you are getting dropped off at Chippewa Harbor?

I’ve done the counter clockwise canoe loop from Rock Harbor, *Moskey Basin, *Lake Ritchie. Intermediate Lake, Siskiwit Lake, *Wood Lake, *Lake Whittlesey, and *Chippewa Harbor spending five nights (at each *asterisk). But we were portage virgins and we took our time.

Lake Whittlesey and Wood Lake are really nice. There is a canoe only campground on Lake Ritchie that most likely will be less crowded or empty compared to the one on the northeastern side.

So are you limited to 7 days total? Attempting the route you have outlined that includes or passes through the following would be a great trip. I’d love to do it myself but it seems a lot for 7 days:
* Chippewa Harbor
* Lake Whittlesey
* Wood Lake (Night 1)
Siskiwit Lake
* Intermediate Lake
**Lake Ritchie (Night 2)
Lake LeSage
Lake Livermore
** Chickenbone Lake (Night 3)
* McCargoe Cove
*Birch Island
*Pickerel Cove (Night 4)
*Belle Isle
*Lane Cove (Night 5)
Stockley Bay
Duncan Bay
*Duncan Narrows (Night 6)
Tobin Harbor
Rock Harbor (Night 7)

The ones with an *asterisk has a campground, ** has two. To get through it is 7 nights I accelerated things a bit.

Three things to keep in mind:
1) Birch Island to Pickerel Cove could be delayed by rough seas.
2) Lake Ritchie to McCargoe Cove is up and over the Greenstone Ridge.
3) Duncan Bay to Tobin Harbor is back over the ridge

But I think you are a day short with the above schedule. If you pushed you could do it in 6 nights. If I were making the trip I’d skip the loop through Siskiswit Lake and go from Chippewa Harbor to Lake Ritchie to Chickenbone (maybe partly because I’ve been through there). Then take my time along the north shore. There are a lot of extra campground possibilities. Going a little slower makes things more enjoyable for me, but for some the hard push gives more enjoyment.

I’m sure others here will have some ideas although time is running short for you. Anyway you do it, you will have great time and will bring back some wonderful memories. Bring back some pictures for us.

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Re: August 6-12 2010

Post by Ingo » Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:07 pm

I haven't camped on Chickenbone, but everyone says WEST! East is up and away from the lake. Otherwise you can't go wrong. I like Duncan Narrows a little better than Duncan Bay CG, however. Picking the down wind one will likely get you less company from boaters, but less likely to be offered some lake trout :) Lane Cove to R.H. in time to catch the boat may be pushing it a little, although being experienced you can do it. Skipping Chippewa and Wood Lake seems like a shame, but I figure you're thinking about walleye in Whittlesey :) Too many great places and not enough time! Have a great trip, cause I'm jealous--no I.R. canoe trip for me this year :(
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Re: August 6-12 2010

Post by colvinch » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:48 am

Well the lakes I'm missing may or may not be stayed at due to weather. Last year we did the same route but I would like to try one more/ different campground than I have in my last 2 trips. We should of stayed at Wood Lake due to wind and waves but braved it and made it to Intermediate...we did get to see 2 moose on this day so I guess it was worth the tough paddle.

And yes we are skipping Chip Harbor for the Walleye dinner. We will get a chance to explore a little here because our group has to take 2 water taxis so 4 of us will have to wait for the other boat.

2009 Trip
Chippewa, Lake Whit*, Wood Lake, Siskiwit, Intermediate*, Richey*, LeSage, Livermore, Chickenbone, McCargo, Pickerel*, Belle*, Rock Harbor* (* are where we camped)

I wouldn't mind skipping Intermediate lake as I did not like the campground and it was really buggy. we didn't get to fish here so I can't say much on that due to the weather deal we had we didn't get to the camp until almost dark. so that lets us either stay at Wood lake or Richey on day 2, so then we have an extra day/weather day

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Re: August 6-12 2010

Post by laqtis » Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:59 am

Yes, West Chickenbone is the place you want to be. East is nice for a visit. West gets packed pretty quick, even in slower times; it's pretty popular.

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Re: August 6-12 2010 ***trip report****

Post by colvinch » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:57 am

We made it back and had a wonderful time. Weather was great and actually hot and the fishing was even hotter.

August 6: Copper Harbor to Rock Harbor to Chippewa Harbor via water taxi
Camp at Lake Whitlessey
August 7: Lake Richey
August 8: West Chickenbone
August 9: Pickeral Cove
August 10: Belle Isle
August 11: Rock Harbor
August 12: Scoville Point Hike, and back to Copper Harbor

I will be putting together a real trip report over the next day so stay tuned for that


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