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Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:13 am
by MSP17_CMX
This was my second trip to Isle Royale NP, the first being out of Windigo. This trip is a loop around the eastern end of Isle Royale.

6-21-2011 Left from Copper Harbor on the Isle Royale Queen IV. Seemed like a very nice crew and boat. The first night was spent at Rock Harbor campground and hiking the Stoll trail. Many Bunchberry Dogwood flowers and the hind quarters of a moose were the highlights.

6-22-2011 Hiked to Lane Cove (6.9miles) A light rain began at 6am and continued until 6 pm, then turning to an off and on. On my previous trip I encountered a rain like this for about 18 hours. I have a better solo tent and better rain pants than my first trip so I held up better. In the future I might acquire a light weight two man tent. The solo tent is confining for waiting out rain showers.

Lane Cove is very nice. Many pink Lady slippers along the shore and the views from the camp sights are nice, though it was cloudy and rainy while I was there. There was a fair amount of blow down from the October 2010 storm to hike around. Also saw a six Loons traveling together.

6-23-2011 Went to Daisy Cove (6.9 miles) which was busy because of the high winds kept the kayakers and canoer’s landbound. The Shelters were full, so I found a tent sight. More off and on light rain overnight.

6-24-2011 Hoped to make it to McCargoe Cove, but stopped at W. Chickenbone. The trail from Daisy farm trail had many wild flowers including Columbine, Rock Harlequin, Yellow lady slippers, pitcher plant and fields of orange dandelion type of flowers. The campground at W. Chickenbone was O.K... Some of the sights had no view of the lake, just a place to stop on the Greenstone trail. It did stop raining and I dried out all my gear. I did have to fend off a red squirrel, who stuck his nose in everything.

6-25-2011 A nice sunrise to start the day, many trees blown down on the trail to Chippewa Harbor. So it was slow going. Hopefully they have cleared it by now. Lake Ritchie was pretty, Chippewa Harbor was o.k. It was a nice day so in addition to kayakers and hikers there were a few power boaters. I hiked back to an old cabin and up a hill to view the sunset. Heard the wolves howling, that was excellent.

6-26-2011 Left Chippewa Cove to go to Moskey Basin. It was a shorter hike today (6 miles). Stayed at one of the shelters along the lake, they all have a very nice view. A mother Golden eye and her baby fed along the lakeshore. Also saw otters and loons.

6-27-2011 Hiked to Three Mile (8 miles) Many more Yellow Lady Slippers along this trail. Also ran into two families hiking with younger children. I have to give them credit; they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. I did get a shelter here also, so I stayed in a shelter four of the seven nights. The shelters are very nice for staying away from bugs and out of the rain. There were plenty of both here.

6-28-2011 Left Three mile for Rock Harbor. Some heavier showers overnight made the rocky trail a bit slippery. Nice views a Lake Superior along this trail. We made it back to Copper Harbor on the Isle Royale Queen IV. We passed by a freighter on Lake Superior. It was a good trip back. Most of the people seemed exhausted and slept, including me.

Copper Harbor is 440 miles from Minneapolis whereas Grand Portage is 340 miles. So in the future I might stick to Grand Portage. Copper Harbor seemed like a nice small town, everyone was friendly so I would recommend it to anyone coming from the eastern U.S..

This is the first report I have written in twenty years, so I hope it makes sense.

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:16 am
by IncaRoads
Welcome to the Isle Royale Forums. Good accounting of the flora and fauna on your first trip to the eastern side of the island.

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:42 pm
by tfoster
We just got home last night from our Isle Royale / Northern Wisconsin trip and I haven't had time to write up a trip report yet, but I thought I'd check in quickly to read any new posts. We stayed at Moskey Basin on June 26 too!!! We were there for two nights (June 25 and June 26) in shelter #4. (Sorry if we were loud!) On the 27th, we hiked to Daisy Farm, and I'm wondering if we were one of the families you saw. I was there with my husband and our four children (ages 6 to 15), two of which are very noticeably red-headed.

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:22 pm
by MSP17_CMX
Yes I did see you and your family. No you weren't to loud. I was at shelter #2. Look forward to reading your report.

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:48 am
by tfoster
Neat. BTW, I enjoyed reading your report. It sounds like you had nice, full hiking days and got to see a lot of the eastern side of the island!

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:57 am
by voyageur kin
Thanks for the report! I'll be hiking the same area the last week of August and hoping many of the wildflowers will still be in bloom for photo opportunities.

Re: Trip around the eastern part of the island

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:14 am
by johnhens
Good Tr and welcome to the Forums.
Did you happen to get any pics? Great selection of wildflowers, love Orchids!