One last thing - weather reporting!!

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One last thing - weather reporting!!

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One last thing I wish I'd known about Isle Royale. Do not pay any attention to the weather report. I am a science teacher and a very good amateur weather forecaster, and we packed based on the long-range forecast, with a few extra clothes thrown in "just in case". It rained (warm front, definitely!) on a day it should have been sunny based on what was blowing in from the west, and then was hot, hot, hot on a week that was supposed to be in the 70's all week. Islands make their own weather, but, even knowing that, I was unprepared for the total disconnect between the forecast and the actual weather. What's even more interesting is that, in reading other's trip reports, they had different weather than we did on different parts of the island on the same day. I guess the best forecasting is: it can be hot, cold, raining, sunny, go by what the conditions are when you get up in the morning. As we say in MN, uffda!!

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Re: One last thing - weather reporting!!

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I remember one day on I.R. that I started with every piece of clothing I had: silk long johns top & bottom, nylon pants, t-shirt, nylon shirt, fleece pull-over, and full rain suit over that just for warmth and windbreak. A few hours later I was down to shorts and t-shirt. A big part was being on the lake in the morning, then later on top of the ridge portaging.
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