Advice sought on mid-May hike

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voyageur kin
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Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by voyageur kin »

Thought I'd try something new this year. 5 days on the Isle in mid-May. The earliest I have hiked on my 8 trips to IR is July 1st and I really enjoy mid-Sept conditions. Anything I should be aware of other than the colder temps? Arriving Windigo on the 16th and assume not much will be open there; are showers in operation then? Thanks in advance to all who share their wisdom!

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Re: Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by johnhens »

Mid May is a great time to go. Not a lot of people. No leaves on the trees, you can see more. If you like wildlfowers and birds, both starting to make an appearance.
Facilities: no water at either end usually. The bathrooms not open (ie use the outhouses). Stores are closed. No showers.
The trails: count on lots of blowdowns.
Weather: most days are cool, good for hiking. We have usually had one day of snow, not accumulating.
Wildlife: don't count on seeing lots of moose. They tend to frequent areas where mineral licks occur. Cows are getting ready to have calves. If you do come across a cow and calf, YIELD!! She will come after you with the idea you are there to harm her calf. The only time I have been charged by a moose was paddling to close to a small island that a cow and calf had chosen to call home. I was not aware she was there till she came charging at us.

If you fish, great time to be on IR!!

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Re: Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by Nick »

Great advice from JohnH. All my trips to IR have been in May (my first was 1976). Only downside is you might run into JohnH. :twisted:

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Re: Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by jerry »

Voyageur kin,
Please share how the trail conditions are when you get back home.

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Re: Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by LeftOvers »

Most of my trips have been in mid May. It's a great time to go for all the reasons johnhens mentions. I'd just add that I've been able to rely on getting a shelter every night and have left the tent at home. Maybe I've been lucky. I do have a tarp and small ground cloth just in case, though.

Watch the weather in April and May. The way this spring is going, the bugs could arrive quite early.

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Re: Advice sought on mid-May hike

Post by fonixmunkee »

We always go in the last week of May or first week of June. It's personally the best time of the year.

The weather is warm (but not hot) during the day; cool nights, minimal bugs, vegetation is starting to coming in, and not a lot of people on the island.

Last year, however, was a bit of a different during the day (high 70s), and the bugs were already out in full-force. Like Leftovers said, with the winter & spring we've had, the bug could be bad no matter when you go.

And again, echoing JohnHens' answer, nothing is open on the island during that time.

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