Tr: 8/20-8/26 Windigo to Rock Harbor

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Tr: 8/20-8/26 Windigo to Rock Harbor

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While I have been walking the island for decades (anyone else remember the old Feldtmann trail?), this is the first time I have posted a trip so bear with me (and thanks to all the others that have done this over the years). First I have been taking groups, 5 to 8 up there almost every year; not as a commerical guide but just someone who wants to introduce others to this unique place. This year the group size was 6 which allows more flexibility in site selection and changes in the route if necessary (and you can actually see critters with 8 every moose, wolf, fox, etc knows you are coming for miles).

If you even plan on taking a group over there, there are a couple of important things to consider. First remind everyone to get their feet into shape - blisters can ruin a trip,not just to the person but everyone that has to slow the pace for them. My recommendation is not just to start walking in boots a few weeks or more before starting but start walking with a pack of 30 pounds. The way your feet move in a boot is different under loading so practice with a pack and walk on uneven ground to get your feet in shape. Second make sure you have the medical information on everyone (including yourself) in a place on your pack that everyone knows and carry a good first aid kit. I am also an EMT and when I do first aid training I tell everyone the first rule of the kit is not to have anything in there that you don't know how to use already. During the past decades I have worked on (and fortunately not my groups but others we met along the way), sprains, lacerations, fractures, burns (mostly pouring water in that mountain house bag) and a few others. The worst was coming into McCargoe Cove to find a kid with a deep cut from standing on a log, barefoot, and trying to chop it into firewood with a hatchet - you can guess the results. Someone on the forum mentioned earlier this summer - that if things go wrong, get to a dock - I cannot over emphasize that comment.

Well if this gets posted so I know I did it right I'll add the report (but just to be sure I got the most important piece of information on here - NO BUGS last week. If you are heading over there in the next couple of weeks, you can probably leave the bug juice home).

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Re: Tr: 8/20-8/26 Windigo to Rock Harbor

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Smokey brown,

It got posted right! Now bring on the good stuff Trip Report!

P.S., Welcome to the forums!

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