TR: 8/11-16, 2012 [Paddling][RH to Windigo, Chippewa/Siskiw]

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Re: TR: 8/11-16, 2012 [Paddling][RH to Windigo, Chippewa/Sis

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Tampico wrote:This looks like the perfect trip. Thanks for the pictures.

The seas in your last picture look like about 3-5', that's not ridiculously rough. 12'+ is ridiculously rough. :)
Maybe, and perhaps that picture doesn't show it well, but that boat was being tossed around like the SS Minnow. We were sitting on the back and had to wear our raincoats due to the water spraying in. There was a family of four out there with us, the dad was puking over the railing and the mom had tied plastic grocery bags around the necks of her two daughters for them to vomit in. It was somewhat amusing. I don't normally get seasick and even I was queasy by the end. I'm sure Superior can get much, much worse but this was about as bad as I have experienced.

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Re: TR: 8/11-16, 2012 [Paddling][RH to Windigo, Chippewa/Sis

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looks like the Toyota TRO is down the road. Glad you only had to stay on the SS. Minnow for few hours.

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