TR: August 2012 [Minong Trail]

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TR: August 2012 [Minong Trail]

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Sorry so late, but here's a bit about a trip I took this August. Quick thanks to all who post and supply information here, was a huge help. i did a three night trip. Was wanting to cover some ground but was unsure about the trails and how much I should try and push myself. If your planning on putting some miles in you can certainly do it here. I was worried about the Minong Trail as far as navigation, but was very simple if you pay attention to the cairns that mark the trail. Getting around on the entire Minong was not an issue and all other trails were simple to follow. I just wanted to post that finding your way on the trails was not a concern and that if you want to cover miles don't hesitate. This place is certainly worthy of a shorter hike and taking in the beauty of the park but if your prepared, 30 mile days are not out of the question. You should have your footwear well tested and be ready for long days, but my trip was rewarding in part to the long days. If you want a bit of an adventure, don't be afraid to push yourself here.

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Re: August 2012 Trip Report

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You're getting me in the mood to go back next year. I missed going this year (did the Superior Hiking Trail for a change), so I've started planning for my next retreat from this crazy world of ours.

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