2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by tree rattt » Mon May 04, 2015 6:59 am

NAME: Jason Pond (tree rattt) ,Madeline P.(Daughter ), Gail P.(Dad), Tim F.(Nephew )a Zach G (Nephew )


HOME TOWN: Rhinelander Wi



Coming from Gand portage via VII

ITINERARY : Day 1,Windigo to Island Mine

Day 2, Island mine to South Desor

Day 3, South Desor to Malone Bay

Day 4, Malone Bay Bushwacking

Day 5, Bushwacking

Day 6, Bushwacking to Ritchie's daggers tip then camp at Moskey

Day 7, Moskey to 3 mile via Mt. Franklin

Day 8, 3 mile to Daisey farm

Day 9, Daisey farm to Grand Portage on VII

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by TexanTrekker » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:17 am

Name: Tom
Email: scoutmaster@troop4673.org
Hometown: Fairfax Station, VA
Arrival Date: 8 August 2015
Departure Date: 14 August 2015

8AUG fly into Windigo - sleep Feldtmann Lake
9AUG hike to Siskwit Bay
10AUG hike to Desor South
11AUG hike to Hatchet Lake
12AUG hike to McCargoe Cove
13AUG hike to Daisy Farm
14AUG fly out of Rock Harbor
Five Scouts [four vets of long Philmont trek]
Two tired, old white men bringing up sag-butt charlie [but we're holding on to the car keys!] [one is IR vet from his misspent youth]
Two certified Wilderness & Remote First Aid, please don't use us!!

Notes: We're working on low-noise but at least 2 will probably scare the meeses back to Canada... [hey, I'm Texan, whadda I know about plural mooses?]

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Tom » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:53 pm

Name: Tom
Email: tom(at)thevoigts.com
Hometown: Stillwater, MN
Arrival Date: Sat, 25 July 2015
Departure Date: Thu, 30 July 2015
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage MN
Sat, 25 Jul - GP to Windigo, then hiking on to Feldtman
Sun, 26 Jul - Feldtman to Siskiwit
Mon, 27 Jul - Siskiwit to Island Mine
Tue, 28 Jul - Island Mine to Desor South
Wed, 29 Jul - Desor South to Malone Bay
Thu, 30 Jul - Malone Bay pickup to return to GP

Doh... This one has been planned for a month or so, just realized I never posted it. After a typical May or June trip didn't make it into the schedule, we shot for right before the 4th, only needing to reschedule. My brother-in-law (Brent) and I will be returning to a favorite route. Can't say I've ever hiked it in late July, though, so that should make it new and interesting! We very well may skip Island Mine, since having an extra day down at Malone is always fun. Two lakes to swim in! :lol:

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by OregonLulu » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:35 pm

Name: Critter & Lulu
Email: PM me please
Hometown: Chicago Suburbs/Portland, OR
Arrival Date: August 30, 2015
Departure Date: September 5, 2015
Coming From/Via: Hougton, MI via Isle Royale Air

Itinerary #1:
Day 1: Fly to RH - Arrive 3 pm - Rock Harbor/Three Mile
Day 2: Three Mile/E. Chickenbone
Day 3: E. Chickenbone/Todd Harbor
Day 4: Todd Harbor/Little Todd
Day 5: Little Todd/N. Lake Desor
Day 6: N. Lake Desor/Windigo
Day 7: Fly back to Houghton


Itinerary #2:
Day 1: Fly to RH - Arrive 3 pm - Rock Harbor/Moskey Basin via water taxi
Day 2: Moskey Basin/McCargoe Cove
Day 3: McCargoe Cove/Todd Harbor (or push through to Little Todd for zero day)
Day 4: Todd Harbor/Little Todd
Day 5: Little Todd/N. Desor Lake
Day 6: N. Desor Lake/Windigo
Day 7: Fly back to Houghton

Notes/Other: Still undecided on which itinerary to take, but leaning towards itinerary #2. I am worried #1 would turn into a death march. Comments/advice welcome! We are new to IRNP.

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Gwest1 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:01 am

Name: Gwest1
Email: PM me please
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Arrival Date: 8/16/15
Departure Date: 8/20/15
Coming From/Via: Houghton, via Isle Royale Air

8/15 - Drive from mid-Michigan to Houghton. A planned stop to see Lake of the Clouds will stretch this already-long trip to 10ish hours.
8/16 - 8am flight to the island, preliminaries, water taxi to Hidden Lake Dock. Lookout Louise to Daisy Farm.
8/17 - Daisy Farm to West Chickenbone.
8/18 - West Chickenbone to South Lake Desor (if I'm feeling frisky) or Hatchet Lake (if I'm not).
8/19 - Hatchet Lake to South Lake Desor, or South Lake Desor to Windigo/Washington Creek.
8/20 - Last day on the island will either be an early morning start to walk into Windigo or a lazy rest with maybe a short day hike before catching the plane back to Houghton at 3pm.
8/21 - Long drive home, lots of time to reflect.

Notes: Hiking solo on my first trip to IRNP (hence the jaunt down the well-traveled Greenstone). I wouldn't consider myself a grizzled veteran backpacker, but neither am I a novice. In good enough physical condition that miles are not daunting to me.

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McCargoe to Windigo 8/24 to 8/29/2015

Post by lbeals » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:24 pm

Name: LBeals
Email: PM me
Hometown: Tulsa
Arrival Date: 8/24/2015
Departure Date: 8/29/2015
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage
8/24 Drop off at McCargoe
8/25 McCargoe to Todd Harbor (6.7 miles)
8/26 Todd Harbor to Little Todd (7 miles)
8/27 Little Todd to Desor North (5.7 miles)
8/28 Desor North to Washington Creek (12 miles)
8/29 back to Grand Portage
Notes/Other: Little concerned about the miles each day, especially the death march out of Desor North...

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Rock Harbor to Windigo the Long Way

Post by Stile » Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:48 pm

Name: Stile & Snowfire
Email: (at) PM me
Hometown: Genesee County, MI
Arrival Date: 8/17
Departure Date: 8/27
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor via Queen iv
8/17 Rock Harbor to Lane Cove 6.9mi
8/18 Lane Cove to Daisy Farm 7.2mi
8/19 Daisy Farm to Chicken Bone west 7.9mi
8/20 Chicken Bone west to Todd Harbor 9.3mi
8/21 Todd Harbor to Hatchet Lake 4.1mi
8/22 Hatchet Lake to Lake Desor South 8.2mi
8/23 Lake Desor south to Siskwit Bay 10mi
8/24 Siskwit Bay to Feldtman Lake 10.2mi
8/25 Feldtman Lake to Washington Creek 8.8mi
8/26 Washington Creek to Rock Harbor on the Voyager II 0mi
8/27 Stoll Loop and Scoville Point then Rock Harbor to Copper Harbor on the Queen iv 4.2mi
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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by johnhens » Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:04 am

Name: John and Tricia
Email: johnhens (AT) sbcglobal.net
Hometown: Big Rock, IL
Arrival Date: 9/12/2015
Departure Date: 9/17/2015
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage/VII
Itinerary: Kayak, hike the West end.
Notes/Other: We have always said it would be fun to stay at Beaver and Grace Islands and paddle the West end islands ect. This is it.

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by JavaHiker » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:25 am

Name: Dale and Mary
Email: stonewoodstream (AT) gmail.com
Hometown: NW, Wisconsin
Arrival Date: 8/16/2015
Departure Date: 8/22/2015
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage/VII
Itinerary: Kayak to Rainbow Cove, portage to Feldtmann Lake, then back around to the south shore/Atwood beach area for a few days.
Notes/Other: Second trip with sea kayaks... completed a similar trip in 2014.
"Observe. Absorb. Create. Share."

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by mtucker1971 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:32 pm

Name: Scotty and Malinda Tucker
Email: smtucker5652@att.net
Hometown: Manchester, Tn
Arrival Date: 8/27/2015
Departure Date: 9/3/2015
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor
Itinerary: Rock Harbor to Daisy Farm to McCargoe Cove to Todd Harbor to South Lake Desor to Washington Cove. Catch Voyageur at Windigo back to Rock Harbor for the return trip home.
Notes/Other: This is our first trip to IR. Probably not our last! :D We are so looking forward to our Island time.

joe edge
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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by joe edge » Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:44 am

Name: George
Email: (at)glmoore@glmoore.com
Arrival Date:9/5/15
Departure Date:9/10/15
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyaguer 2
Itinerary: McCargo Cove, Chickenbone, Livermore, Lesage, Richie, Intermediate, Siskiwit, Malone Bay
Notes/Other: Finally getting back to the island! My brothers and I did this same trip 25 years ago, and now a friend and I get to do it again. Weather forecast shows rain but I don't care, I'll be on island time.

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Re: 2015 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by gcloud » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:18 pm

Name: Cory
email: gushingcloud (at) gmail
Hometown: Chicago IL
Arrival Date: 9/26/15
Departure Date: 10/1/15
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyageur II
Day 1 - 8.8 miles - (arrive at Windigo) Windigo to Feldtman Lake
Day 2 - 10.3 miles - Feldtman Lake to Siskiwit Bay
Day 3 - 4.3 miles - Siskiwit Bay to Island Mine
Day 4 - 10.2 miles - Island Mine to Huginnin Cove
Day 5 - 0 miles - Rest Day (or not?)
Day 6 - 4.3 miles - Huginnin Cove to Windigo, board Voyageur II at 12:15 pm central time to leave the Isle

Notes: First time on ISRO, very excited. Also first time camping in potential relatively cold weather, but I'm prepared. I'd still like to get a swim in if it's warm enough.

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