2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Reports or links to reports on trips.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Vandy »

Name: Tim V
Email: (at)
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Arrival Date: 7/16
Departure Date: 7/20
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor / Queen IV
Itinerary: DF, MC, MB, TM (group sites)
Notes/Other: 5th trip; Nephew's boy scout troop

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by cjb0 »

Name: Casey, Peter, Claudia & Eisa
Arrival Date: 6/8/2019
Departure Date:6/11/2019
Coming From/Via:Voyager II
Itinerary: Feldtmann Loop (counter-clockwise)
Notes/Other: 2 Dads with their daughters. I have been here once before but 16 years ago and on the RH side. Peter and the girls 1st trip.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by JC80 »

Email: (at)
Hometown:DeKalb, IL
Arrival Date: 5-17-19
Departure Date: 5-24-19
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor, Queen IV
Daisy Farm
W Chickenbone
Three Mile
Notes/Other: 1st trip

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by sgatz »

Email: (at) PM me here
Hometown: Maryland (some in the group are in TN)
Arrival Date: 7/18
Departure Date: 7/30
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor/Queen
Day1: RH --> Water taxi to CH
Day2: CH
Day3: Richie
Day4: Richie
Day5: DF
Day6: Sargent Lake (Cross-country camping near the "T") -Trying to packcraft Sargent
Day7: Sargent Lake
Day8: Ritchie (via Greenstone to Chickenbone junction)
Day9: Wood Lake
Day10: Wood Lake
Day12:RH (by water taxi)


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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by srparr »

Name: Steve Parr
Email: srparrATthatemailbygoogle.com
Hometown: Plymouth, MI
Arrival Date: Sat 6/29
Departure Date: Sat 7/6
Coming From/Via: Houghton via Seaplane
Route: Wendigo - McCargo - Moskey Basin - Rock Harbor - Merrit Lane - Rock Harbor

Sat 6/29: Fly to Wendigo
Sun 6/30: Paddle/dayhike @Wendigo
Mon 7/1: Voyageur to McCargo
Tue 7/2: Hike to Moskey Basin
Wed 7/3: Hike to Rock Harbor (stay at the lodge)
Thu 7/4: Paddle to Merrit Lane
Fri 7/5: Paddle back to Rock Harbor (stay at a shelter)
Sat 7/6: Fly to Houghton

Notes/Other: See the north coast cliffs by boat, mix some hiking & paddling, visit Merrit lane (only campsite on the island I haven't visited yet!)

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Tom »

Name: Tom, Brent, Wesley, and perhaps one other
Email: tom(at)thevoigts.com
Hometown: Not too far South of Stillwater, MN
Arrival Date: Monday, 10Jun2019
Departure Date: Thursday, 13 June 2019
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyageur II
Monday, 10Jun - Arrive at McCargoe Cove, hike and explore mines.
Tuesday, 11Jun - Moskey Basin.
Wednesday, 12 Jun - Chippewa Harbor.
Thursday, 13 Jun - Depart via Voyageur II

Notes/Other: This will be a short and sweet trip for my brother-in-law/regular hiking partner and I, but I'm excited it will be a first I.R. trip for my son, who is now ten and can carry most of his weight. We're keeping to a route that's doable enough should weather be sour, but also will leave him wanting for more. Backpacking is a lifetime activity and we want him to experience that.
We're also hoping to be joined by another adult who's spent his fair share of time around the waters of the Isle, but hasn't had the same opportunity for the trails as he would like. His work and fishing schedules, though, will be the deciding factor.
We're also going to add in a day or two to explore some of Hwy 61 and maybe meander into Thunder Bay. It's been numerous years since we've 'stopped to smell the waterfalls' and we're overdue.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by chief54 »

Have added a couple of days to my trip will be leaving on 6/9 via sea plane

5/31 Ranger to Rock then water taxi to Daisy, will share taxi if anybody is interested.
6/2 Voyaguer to Windigo
6/3 Voyaguer to rock, night in cottage
6/4 water taxi to Moskey
6/7 water taxi to Daisy
6/8 water taxi Rock
6/9 seaplane Houghton

this is a photo/video centered trip, will have around 45ilbs of camera equipment hence water taxi and base camping. As I have mentioned before have always brought point and shoot camera's due to weight but now want to capture the island and lake in all their moods with some professional gear from Milky Way to landscapes to wildlife and my new passion birds in flight.
first visit at age 10 in 1965 numerous times since then, 30+ times

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by naturalcauses »

Name: Tim
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Arrival Date: Fri 6/28
Departure Date: Mon 7/1
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor via Queen VI
Route: Daisy Farm -> Moskey Basin -> Daisy Farm

Fri 6/28: Arrive in RH, hike to Daisy Farm
Sat 6/29: Hike to Moskey Basin, camp for the night
Sun 6/60: Hike back to Daisy Farm, camp for the night
Mon 7/1: Hike to Rock Harbor, ferry back to Copper Harbor

Notes/Other: There is a group of 7 of us, staying it the group sites at DH and MB. This will be all of our first time on the island, and will be the first backpacking trip for several in the group.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by leodre »

Name: Leo
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Arrival Date: Saturday May 25
Departure: Saturday June 1
Saturday: Plane to Windigo, camp at Washington Creek, day hike around
Sunday: WC-DN
Monday: DN-LT
Tuesday: LT-TH
Wednesday: TH-MC
Thursday: MC-MB
Friday: MB-RH
Saturday: Morning hike to Scoville point, ferry to Michigan at 9

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Duffy Moon »

Name: Devin
Email: duffymoon(at)gmail.com
Hometown: Central Ohio
Arrival Date: 8/23/19
Departure Date: 8/31/19
Coming From/Via: Houghton/Ranger

Friday: RH -> 3M
Saturday: 3M -> DF
Sunday: DF -> MB
Monday: Zero Day at MB
Tuesday: Zero Day at MB
Wednesday: MB -> DF
Thursday: DF -> 3M
Friday: 3M -> RH
Saturday: RH -> Houghton (via Ranger)

Notes/Other: This is our first trip to the island, and my first significant backpacking adventure. This modest itinerary helps keep the mileage down, and allows time to see a lot of one part of the island and capture some of it (my wife is a visual artist, and will be bringing a basic, stripped-down field painting kit). We may take one of the planned Moskey zero days and move it to Daisy instead, in order to include some day hiking/exploring from that base.
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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by jerry »

Name: jerry
Hometown: dayton, oh
Arrive: 6/21
Depart: 6/25
Via: Ranger

Itinerary: East end/ plan to get to three trails, I've never been on/Mott Is. (not sure how to get there), Passage Is. and the trail up to Lookout Louise.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Arianamie »

Name: AnneMarie and Nick
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Arrival Date: 6/28
Departure Date: 7/4
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor via the Queen
6/28: Ferry to Rock Harbor then Rock Harbor to Lane Cove
6/29: Lane Cove to Daisy Farm
6/30: Daisy Farm to Moskey Basin
7/1: Zero Day at Moskey Basin
7/2: Moskey Basin to McCargo Cove
7:3: Ferry from McCargo back to Rock Harbor
7:4 Ferry to Copper Harbor

Notes/Other: This is our first trip to the Island! Ready for some amazing experiences, not ready to face the bugs... lol.

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by SharBear »

Name: Todd & Shari
Email: crlewison@imonmail.com
Hometown: CR, Iowa
Arrival Date: Sat September 7, 2019
Departure Date: Tue September 10, 2019
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage via Voyageur II

Itinerary: McC - LR - CH

Sat 9/7 - land at McCargoe Cove around 1pm - camp, hike, explore
Sun 9/8 - hike McCargoe Cove - Lake Ritchie (camp)
Mon 9/9 - hike Lake Ritchie - Chippewa Harbor (camp)
Tue 9/10 - Depart Chippewa Harbor via Voyageur II

Notes/Other: This is our first trip to IR and first time backpacking. After doing lots of research and planning different routes, we decided to do a short hiking/backpacking/camping trip in the early fall. We opted for short mileage that would give us a good view of the island and allow for side hikes at a leisurely pace. Heading out to canoe the BW for a few nights on Clearwater and Caribou after IR. We’ve done half a dozen kayak/canoe trips to different parts of the BW for 4-5 nights at a time and thought it would be fun to try something new and different to split the trip for a few days at IR, too. Really excited to find this forum and to have this experience!

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by Rafiki »

Name: Tim
Email: PM me on here
Hometown: Skokie, IL
Arrival Date: 7/21/19
Departure Date: 8/17/19
Coming From/Via: Copper Harbor
Itinerary: A Butt Ton of Kayaking
343.1 Miles Hiked: 2004 (3 Days), 2010 (11 Days), 2011 (13 Days), 2012 X 2 (8 + 12 Days), 2013 (9 Days/Paddling)

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Re: 2019 Trip Log - Add your planned itinerary here!

Post by irhikers »

Name: Steve (Dad) & Pete (Son)
Email: sedahlberg(at)usfamily.net
Hometown: Blaine, Minn.
Arrival Date: Sat Aug 24, 2019
Departure Date: Sun Sep 1, 2019
Coming From/Via: Grand Portage/Voyageur II
Itinerary: Rock Harbor to Windigo
Sat 8/24 – Three Mile
Sun 8/25 – Moskey Basin
Mon 8/26 - McCargoe Cove
Tue 8/27 - Todd Harbor
Wed 8/28 - South Desor
Thur 8/29 - Siskiwit Bay
Fri 8/30 - Feldtmann Lake
Sat 8/31 - Washington Creek
Notes/Other: This trip is the reverse of a trip we took in 2016 when we hiked from Windigo to Rock Harbor.

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