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TR: Rock Harbor, Malone Bay, Richie,Moskey, Rock Harbor 8/3-8/9 2019

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:21 pm
by 4gen
Well another great trip to isle Royale. We left Copper Harbor on the Queen IV and had a great calm flat trip out to Rock Harbor. We unloaded the Canoes and packs and we got set up in a shelter and went to the restaurant for supper. Had a great night sleep and we were on the dock ready to load the Voyager right away at 7:15AM Eastern time. After waiting an hour to load because the Voyager is the only bubble of Central time we were off to Malone Bay.

1st day Malone Bay - Unloaded the gear and portaged the canoes up to Siskiwit and put the packs in a tent shelter. We started to jig for lakers and after about an hour we hooked a 30" that was perfect for lunch! After lunch we picked some blue berries and we were off to the wash tub for a nice dip in the river. Best part of Malone camp, the Wash tub! After that we went back out on the lake for supper and caught 9 lakers and kept 3 for supper we had one really nice red fin that was 32".

2nd day Portaging to Richie - We were off and paddling at around 9AM and had a great paddle across Siskiwit stopping at Ryan Island just to say we were there like always. the we hit the portage to Intermediate lake and stopped for a quick lunch. Thimble berries were plump and ready to burst but not ripe yet, CRAP. We got a couple for tasting but that was it. We paddled across intermediate and as we packed up the trail to Richie with all of the gear but the canoes the skies opened and it started to rain. We threw a tarp over the packs lake side of Richie and headed back for the canoes. We waited for the rain to stop but it didn't so we loaded up and headed for the Canoe Camp on Richie as we arrived at the landing it stopped raining, Figures! The sun came out and as we set up tents and Hammocks it started to dry and became a beautiful afternoon. We hit the water and started to catch Northern Pike until we were tired of that and went to shore for supper. It was a great night sleeping temps we cool and dry.

3rd day the March to Moskey - Holy cow was that a hike and pack and Portage. it hikes like a 2.5 mile portage and with 3 canoes it felt like 30 miles. we started early and by 9AM we were on the trail to Moskey. After several trips we were finally finished and ready to canoe to Caribou Island at 5:PM what a day. The wind was breezy out of the South West and we were off in the canoes we headed right to the East shore to manage the waves a little better and crossed on the South end when they were small to avoid the rollers further down wind. As we paddle down the East side of Rock Harbor we managed to paddle at 4 MPH with the wind and an hour later had us at Caribou Island Camp trying to find a campsite at a boat filled camp. We took to the tree and set up Hammock and listened to the weather for the next day rain and wind was the forecast and the night rest was a little uneasy.

4th day we woke at 5AM to the sound of the boat motors starting up and heading out the wind was already stated and we were sure it would be a rough crossing to Rock Harbor. We packed up and were off at sunrise, no breakfast and no time we hit the water and were rewarded with Glass water all the way to Rock Harbor. we hit the shore and found a shelter. We were visited by Bruce the moose twice both time less than 10 yds fro out shelter what a beast he had another Bruce Jr. behind him that never got as close but was always in the shadows. Off to pick more raspberries and blue berries.

5th day as we waited for the Queen to arrive we gorged our selves with blue berry pancakes and had a light lunch as we knew the ride home to Copper harbor was going to be big waves. We loaded up and big waves they were 7- 8' waves had the prop out of the water and people throwing up their lunch in the cabins on the side decks and on the back decks. Our party used Dramamine and mad ethe trip uneventful other than watching where you sat and where you were stepping.

All in all a great trip an a big THANK YOU to the Lord for watching over us and to Mother Nature and Lake Superior allowing us to enjoy this beautiful Island in a Great lake!

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Re: TR: Rock Harbor, Malone Bay, Richie,Moskey, Rock Harbor 8/3-8/9 2019

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:04 pm
by IncaRoads
Thanks for the detailed trip report. Sounds like some great fishing. Dramamine for the win!

Re: TR: Rock Harbor, Malone Bay, Richie,Moskey, Rock Harbor 8/3-8/9 2019

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:42 pm
by torpified
Thanks for the report -- your party sounds admirably dauntless! (I think it takes being made of sterner stuff than I'm made of to take on some of IR's portages.) Your mention of the Malone Bay bathtub intrigues me. I'm hoping that camp will be on my itinerary next time. Can you divulge more about this bathtub?

Re: TR: Rock Harbor, Malone Bay, Richie,Moskey, Rock Harbor 8/3-8/9 2019

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:44 pm
by 4gen
It's a beautiful little spot, great after paddling or hiking all day. The Wash tub, there use to be a video of it on U tube but I can't find the link, this is not where I heard about the wash tub, a fellow boater who needed a hand was helped and repaid us with this knowledge. It starts right after the bridge of the Siskiwit River on the Siskiwit Lake side. You look for the seemingly unused trail up river, through the inside of tree canopies and up a winding little trail that just ends. At the end you have a small water fall probably 6-8' wide dropping about a 1' - 1 1/2' drop into a small pool, that is 6-7' deep. We've had 3 people at a time under these falls. The best part is the rock wall has a place to lean up on under the falls and there is a foot stool at the bottom to brace your back just in the right place to get the best cold waterfall massage on the island. There is a great rock shelf for holding all of you clothes and take your time entering cause it is so secluded you never know if there is anyone there? You may startle some people in some natural settings, please remember Nature is watching!

Re: TR: Rock Harbor, Malone Bay, Richie,Moskey, Rock Harbor 8/3-8/9 2019

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:39 am
by torpified
Washtub intel: wicked! thanks.