TR: 7-21 to 7-28-21 [CANOE]: MC-WCL-IL-WL-MB: More or less

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TR: 7-21 to 7-28-21 [CANOE]: MC-WCL-IL-WL-MB: More or less

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Coming from Grand Portage, in order to avoid the crowd at Rock Harbor, this year we opted to get dropped at McCargoe, then make our way to Lake Richie, Intermediate Lake and Wood Lake, exiting at Malone. Unfortunately, this didn't help us get to a secluded spot more quickly.

Briefly, there were...

MORE people than we anticipated at the start of the trip. 15(!) people got off the VII at McCargoe, and the race was on. By the time we got to West Chickenbone, folks were filling up all the group and overflow sites (sigh).

MORE wolves howling than we'd ever heard before (coming from southwest of Lake LeSage). Truly magical (and definitely NOT loons).

MORE portages in quick succession from Chickenbone to Intermediate than we had done before.

MORE leeches pulled off my feet in one day than ever before (I stopped counting at 7). A direct result of all those portages, and wearing sandals.

LESS evidence of an algae bloom at Richie (as in, NO evidence).

MORE tiny toads (1/2 inch in length) on the shores of Intermediate Lake than we thought possible. Dozens, if not hundreds.

LESS moose tracks, scat and sightings than in previous years. We did have 30 minutes of up close and personal time with a bull moose at our campsite at Wood Lake. He was not the least bit bothered by us, kept coming closer, and we were increasingly aware of our limited routes of retreat. Thrilling, but a bit tense toward the end.

LESS waves on Siskiwit Lake than we had seen in two previous trips. In fact, we were treated to a leisurely early morning paddle on a glass-like lake, perfectly mirroring the trees and rocks along the shore -- even the clouds above. Breathtakingly beautiful.

MORE love for this special place with each visit.
2018, 2019, 2021 (all by canoe)
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