Superior storm 11/11/21

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Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by johnhens »

The Lake will be kicking up today and tonight.
Lake Superior from Saxon Harbor WI to Upper Entrance to Portage
Canal MI 5NM off shore to the US/Canadian border including Isle
Royale National Park-
415 AM EST Thu Nov 11 2021


Sfc winds...........East gales to 40 knots.
100-ft winds........East storm force winds to 50 knots.
Sig waves...........20 to 25 feet.
Ocnl waves..........Around 31 feet.

Weather.............Mostly cloudy with chance of showers, then
mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers
after midnight.
Sfc winds...........Southwest to 30 knots becoming south 15 to 20
knots after midnight.
100-ft winds........Southwest gales to 35 knots becoming south 20
to 25 knots after midnight.
Sig waves...........20 to 25 feet subsiding to 12 to 16 feet after
Ocnl waves..........Around 32 feet subsiding to around 19 feet
after midnight.
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Re: Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by Ingo »

Too bad the buoys are pulled for the winter. Would love to check wave heights out there.
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Re: Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by treeplanter »

Saw this on FB yesterday. Someplace along the Minnesota shore.

odd man out
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Re: Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by odd man out »

What are sig waves and ocnl waves?
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Re: Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by Bobcat1 »

Significant wave height is the average of the highest 1/3 of individual wave height. Occasional height is the likely highest individual waves. I googled it, and there was a whole lot of interesting stuff about wave ht definition versus seas vs swells etc. Worth looking into to help understand these marine forecasts!
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Re: Superior storm 11/11/21

Post by hooky »

I was pheasant hunting in SD this week. On Wednesday, the wind was out of the north gusting into the 70's and sustained in the 50's. It howled all night and Thursday it was only 40's/30's. Even the small stock ponds were whitecapping. I can't imagine what it was like on the lady.
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