Recommendations for Field Guides?

Questions regarding the Flora and Fauna on the island.

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Recommendations for Field Guides?

Post by CharlesGambee1864 »

I am looking forward to making the journey to IRNP with my Dad at the end of this month. Usually the areas I hike have at least some cell service or I can take a photo of some unknown flora or fauna and look it up when I get to an area that does, but since that won't be an option for us on this adventure, I'm wondering if this group has suggestions for good field guides. I'm not a birder or a botanist at all, just generally curious about the interesting nature that I encounter when hiking.

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Re: Recommendations for Field Guides?

Post by Ingo »

Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association ( has the best collection of books and guides, including ones specific to I.R. They supply the gift shops in the Visitor Centers at Rock Harbor, Windigo, and Houghton, so you should be able to get the same there if you're concerned about having time to order before you leave.
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Re: Recommendations for Field Guides?

Post by Bobcat1 » ... PsQAvD_BwE

I use these folding card nature guides for general interest - what kind of tree, what was that bird, etc. For backpacking, that's enough optional weight.

If you and your dad are not backpacking and want to carry more, I really like the Northwoods Wildlife - A Watcher's Guide to Habitats book by Janine Benyus. There's an old geology pamphlet that has a lot in it, available online as a pdf file ( try ) and a book by Napier Shelton called "Superior Wilderness" that is a natural history and ecology book about Isle Royale. May be out of print but there are copies on ebay for instance.

That should get you started in finding what you want. If you are more interested in one thing, like birding or butterflies, then by all means bring a dedicated field guide just for that!
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