Questions about water transportation and fishing on the island.

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I'm looking to buy a "trailer-sailer," like a San Jaun 21 or Catalina 22, to sail to/from Isle Royale.
If you have any thoughts or experience, I'm listening.
The recent Sunfish adventure is encouraging, but a very different boat...
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Re: Trailer-Sailor

Post by Ingo »

I think if you exceptionally experienced sailing small boats in big water that they aren't meant to be in, and you live for the thrill and are willing to risk your life for it, then it's OK. Otherwise, well, no. My brother and I have talked about taking his very seaworthy 15' boat that he sails regularly on Lake Superior to Isle Royale, but we would (a) transport it on the Ranger III to get there, and (b) stay in Rock Harbor--maybe venture out of the harbor for day sails on nice days. However, the Ranger III can only haul boats up to 20'. Anything that isn't offshore built isn't suitable for the waters of Superior. Folks do crazy things, which I'm fine with if they understand and accept the risks, but I don't think they in any way should be encouraging others to do the same. Without knowing where you're coming from, it's hard to make a judgement. As someone who has extensively canoed on Superior at Isle Royale, and would love to sail around it some day, I would only do it on a very offshore capable sailboat.
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