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Bug and Trail update

Questions regarding Weather, Bugs, Northern Lights and other "natural" phenomena.

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Bug and Trail update

Post by dea_husky07 »


Was just looking to see if anyone has done a trip to the island in the last couple weeks. Looking to get a trail and bug update. It looks like it has rained quite a bit up there and the temps have been cooler. Just trying to get an idea before we head up for our trip next week.

Thanks for any and all information!

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Re: Bug and Trail update

Post by Ingo »

Did the Feldtmann Loop 5/29-6/3. Trails were wet--at least a couple boot sucking mudholes on the best day. Bugs were starting to come out, but not bad yet. Temps 42-63. Of course a lot can change in 2 weeks ...
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Re: Bug and Trail update

Post by treeplanter »

Kayaked/hiked the NE part of the island 5/30 - 6/3. Absolutely no mosquitoes and only a few blackflies on the Greenstone around Mt. Franklin. As Ingo noted, it was a cool stretch of weather. There was still snow in the shadows around Blake Point.

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Re: Bug and Trail update

Post by Chorizo »

Was there 5/22 to 5/29. No mosquitos. Blackflies had just hatched and were an annoyance at Ritchie canoe but with a headset on, the campsite to ourselves and three days of perfect sunny weather it was hard to complain.

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Re: Bug and Trail update

Post by Beesy »

Update for 6/24 to 6/26. Few black flies - I found a few swarms starting up on the Greenstone in some warm open areas between Desor and Chickenbone. Mosquitos were surprisingly tame too on the Greenstone and at Desor, Chickenbone and Rock Harbor where I stayed. I had my clothes treated with permethrin and only took a small spray of bug juice on my head and hands at camp. I couldn't be happier with the bug level from everything I read!

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