First Time Trip Itinerary

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First Time Trip Itinerary

Post by ejande » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:32 am

I will be heading out in a group of 4 for a 3 night backpacking trip. We will be leaving in late June. We are mid 30's and in pretty good shape. Thank you for all the information in the forum. Any tips, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

Day 1: Copper Harbor to RH then hike to Lane Cove via Tobin Harbor, Mt. Franklin Trail, and Lane Cove Trail
Day 2: Lane Cove to McCargoe Cove via Lane Cove Trail, the Greenstone, and East Chickenbone (we would have the option of camping at E or W Chickenbone as well).
Day 3: McCargoe to Daisy Farm via West Chickenbone and Lake Richie
Day 4: Daisy Farm to RH via Rock Harbor Trail.

Will we have enough time to get the fairy at RH from Daisy Farm?

Thanks for any and all input.

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Re: First Time Trip Itinerary

Post by dcclark » Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:38 pm

You sound a lot like my wife and me -- late 30's, pretty decent shape. So you might have the same experience that I did on my first visit, which was utter amazement at how hard the rocky ups-and-downs were on me.

Day 1: RH to Lane is a pretty common first day itinerary. Beautiful campground. We were amazed at how tough the rocky ups-and-downs were, especially going over the Greenstone -- be prepared for slow going. But, it's totally doable.

Day 2: Lane to McCargoe is a long one (13 miles). I'd re-think this unless you are certain that you can handle all 13 miles and have done it with loaded packs on hard rock. This starts with a good ol' heart-thumper when you have to climb the steep side of the Greenstone first thing in the morning. West Chickenbone is also 13 miles (so not a good backup), and East Chickenbone is still 11 miles and is a very unpleasant campground. McCargoe is a beautiful place, but I don't think this is the way to get there.

Day 3: No problem.

Day 4: Daisy to RH is super easy until you hit the last mile or two, at which point it gets very rocky. You could take Tobin Harbor instead, which is less rocky but a little longer. In either case, 8-ish miles before the ferry leaves is doable but could be miserable if you're forced to hoof it through, say, rain (which you should count on for at least one day). It might be worth trying to make it to Three Mile instead.

Edit: I see that your Day 4 is the day you're taking the ferry out -- I made a mistake in my original comments and gave you an extra day (you should take it too if you can :) ). How many miles have you regularly backpacked with full packs? In what kind of terrain? If you're not used to rocks and up-and-downs and 12+ miles, I'd probably go to Daisy Farm on Day 2, then start heading back to Rock Harbor again on Day 3.

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Re: First Time Trip Itinerary

Post by Base654 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:01 am

I agree, you should have no problem f you have some pack days behind you. I like the trail down past East CB, but I usually go back the other way just to avoid the out and back.

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