Places to get equipment?

Questions about equipment and supplies to bring on a trip (including reviews).

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Places to get equipment?

Post by Froggy1976 »

Where is the best place to get good shooes, clothing and other items for someone on a budget?

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Re: Places to get equipment?

Post by Tom »

It depends on where you live. Some cities have outdoor stores (or parts of them) that dedicate themselves to reuse, where you might get a slightly used item for a great price. Then there are discount/liquidator websites, like Sierra, Campsaver Outlet, and REI Outlet. Footwear and backpacks are probably the things I think really helps to try on multiples sizes and brands in a store to get your fit, the other things can be tested based on the return policy and your patience...

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Re: Places to get equipment?

Post by fonixmunkee »

I've recently heard from two people that the REI Used Gear store is good. REI employees inspect everything before the post it for sale. Maybe it's worth checking out:

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Re: Places to get equipment?

Post by Bobcat1 »

If you know what to look for and how to tell the difference between lightly used and worn out, garage sales can be a great source of bargain-priced gear. There is also a lot of junk sold too, so be sure you know what to look for or take a friend who know.
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Re: Places to get equipment?

Post by booyah »

Additionally some gear can be caught on a bargain, or homemade. There are kits and instructions on how to make quilts, tents etc. My main stove for this last trip was a photon style alcohol stove used with a Sterno Inferno cook set (picked up from Meijer for $19.99 new)

Sites like steepandcheap can help grab some gear at a bargain too. I just nabbed a sleeping pad for $34.99 and a three person tent for $109 new on clearance because the company changed the names of the gear. Normal price on sleeping pad was 79, and tent was over 200.

added for reference,

photon stove

Sterno Inferno ... B0169ZDUOM

And 3 person tent, I got it for a little less, and mines the grey/blue which I prefer... ... luZyB0ZW50

Heres a fun one, costco $20 quilt turned into backpacking summer quilt ... ing-quilt/

Thats on my list of fun things to try...

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Re: Places to get equipment?

Post by Montana »

You might also try Craigslist -- I find good deals there on good backpacking products. The key to getting your gear is to be patient and "trade up" over the years. I spent 3-5 years working on getting my camping gear dialed in. I had a goal dropping the base weight on all my gear, but my budget wouldn't allow immediate gratification. Year by year I upgraded my gear and now feel like my kit is where I want it (of course, I am always looking!). Good luck!

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