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Questions about equipment and supplies to bring on a trip (including reviews).

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Day packs

Post by Froggy1976 »

I plan on doing day hikes. Thoughts on good day packs??

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Re: Day packs

Post by dcclark »

I assume you're staying at the lodge or a cabin?

Pretty much anything will be fine as long as it has room for a hydration pack. Bring plenty of water! But there's no need to go for the super-fancy $150 ones that you can find.

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Re: Day packs

Post by Duffy Moon »

We used a thrift-store Rick Steves backpack; it's super light, has side pockets for water bottles, and enough room for whatever you want for your hike. Folds down really tiny. You can make anything work! After shrugging off my 40-lb pack, anything in the day-pack continuum would have felt like heaven. And it did.

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