Friday-Monday from Rock Harbor thoughts

Questions about trails and campsites on the island.

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Friday-Monday from Rock Harbor thoughts

Post by mark.howe »

Really excited to return to the island this year, even if it's only from Friday to Monday in mid-May. I'm looking for thoughts/suggestions/ideas.

What would you do on a Friday/Monday trip in mid-May, starting in Rock Harbor with hikes of less than 15 with a day to relax?

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Re: Friday-Monday from Rock Harbor thoughts

Post by Bobcat1 »

What transportation are you using? What time you arrive on Friday and leave on Monday has a lot to do with what we can recommend. That’s early enough that many visitor services will not be available yet. The great thing is lack of crowds. Are your boating skills up to renting a canoe and getting to some interesting places hikers can’t access?
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Re: Friday-Monday from Rock Harbor thoughts

Post by dcclark »

Hi Mark, you lucky bum! (I don't think I'll be able to return to the island this year, sadly.)

What about a nice simple walk along Rock Harbor: Daisy, Moskey, then back (or maybe direct to Moskey if you feel up to it)? Nothing new for you I don't think, but it will be pleasant.

Alternately, go check out Lane Cove and maybe spend some time going up or down the Greenstone as you do so.

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Re: Friday-Monday from Rock Harbor thoughts

Post by Ingo »

Feldtmann loop is great if coming from MN. Did that a couple years ago in May and had Island Mine and Siskiwit to myself.
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