Private Boat/Chartering a boat

Questions about how to get to the island and where to stay near points of departure.

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Private Boat/Chartering a boat

Post by maximoose »

Are there any individuals or private companies that can take a couple of people by boat to Isle Royale? And would this be cheaper than taking the seaplane?

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Re: Private Boat/Chartering a boat

Post by Ingo »

Not that I've ever heard of. They would have to be licensed by the park service to do business in the park (transporting paying passengers) and also be a licensed captain by the Coast Guard (to have paying passengers on a boat, anywhere).
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Re: Private Boat/Chartering a boat

Post by backwoods doc »

Might be worth checking with David Williams at Bear Track Outfitters in Grand Marais. I know he runs a charter boat service.

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Re: Private Boat/Chartering a boat

Post by Midwest Ed »

There are other charter boats available, licensed and authorized (by the park and the Coast Guard) to carry commercial passengers into park waters but they are for the purposes of fishing. Their rates would actually be more than the seaplane since their entire day is occupied rather than an hour or so with each plane trip. Plus I do not know any offering overnight excursions. Even if you could somehow disembark, good luck trying to get them to pick you back up. They could not knowingly get involved in any such thing without losing their park licensing.

I have a friend with a boat large enough that I was able to talk into a trip 20 years ago. It was a fantastic trip for my son and me. He's talked about going back but not this year. There are plenty of private boaters that make the trip each year but obviously they are somewhat difficult to find. I joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary to (unintentionally) find this friend. Living life has many unexpected rewards.
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