Moose on IR not being seen

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Moose on IR not being seen

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We were in Windigo in September for a few days. Had hoped to paddle Grace, Beaver, ect. The winds were against us (SW 15-25 with 4-6' waves). We were fortunate to spend a little time with Rolf and Candy who were there getting things ready for Winter Study. I asked Rolf about the seemingly decrease in moose sightings this year as folks mentioned here. Rolf confirmed that the moose seem to be changing their forage patterns as there is a big decrease in pressure from the wolves (2 or 3) left on IR. More info on this. ... oyale.html

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Re: Moose on IR not being seen

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Another possible dynamic would be that some moose learned that hanging out closer to "people places" (campgrounds and trails, etc.) offered fewer encounters with wolves. With predation pressures dramatically reduced, these same moose are now more free to roam further away from people.
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Re: Moose on IR not being seen

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My last three trips I've seen the same number of moose as wolves-- one each. Moose was in Washington Creek and the wolf at 3-Mile. We saw Rolf in Sept. He mentioned that the moose may not be moving around as much these days. Said they've seen what looks like multiple bed down spots in one area--moose eat then bed down, eat, bed down in the same area, etc.

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